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On the weekend of Feb. 8, the Student Recreation Center upgraded the martial arts studio with 13 new heavy bags, a double-end bag, and two hook/uppercut bags, all suspended on a metal frame that stands independent of the ceiling.

These upgrades have increased student usage of the martial arts facility. It has also allowed martial arts classes that utilize the room (no-gi jiu jitsu, muay thai and boxing class) to provide Cal State Fullerton students with a better workout.

“It’s brought in a lot more users into that facility because instead of just being able to grapple and hit each other they have something to hit,” said Krista Mar, building manager, 21, a kinesiology major.

The bags were put up two weeks ago and since then students such as Corinne Bollendorf, 22, a public relations major, have begun using the facility.

“Today is my first day coming in here. I didn’t know that you could come in during the free time. I thought it was only just for classes,” said Bollendorf.

She started training in muay thai four months ago while she was in South Korea. The martial art focuses on stand-up striking and clinching, heavily utilizing shins, knees and elbows. Along with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, it is one of the most popular fighting styles in professional mixed martial arts.

“It’s such a good workout, and it’s good (for getting your) aggression out. So I think it’s definitely worth it for students to come down here,” she said.

Cly Gediman, 42, a librarian on campus, comes down to the gym every Sunday to train with his friends. They work out together, practicing boxing, muay thai and Brazilian jiu jitsu.

“They’re great,” said Gediman. “I like how they’re anchored too. It’s a lot safer.”

Prior to the upgrade, the bags were hung from stands that rested on the ground. Only two bags were available in the studio and they were taken down frequently for repair.

Now that the bags have been installed, the SRC is cracking down on sparring in the martial arts studio.

“The rules now state that we cannot (spar), so we don’t do that anymore,” said alumni Dan Smith, 25. “But before we used to spar, do bag work, and mitt work and some drills for jiu jitsu and wrestling. But now that we’re complying with the rules we just do bags and mitts.”

The SRC also offers classes in muay thai, no-gi (plain clothes) jiu jitsu, and boxing. All of these classes use the equipment in the martial arts studio.

All students at CSUF are allowed to utilize the punching bags in designated free-time periods.

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