Frisk Me: The other ‘A’-word

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“Going through with the pregnancy will put my health and my life at risk.”

“The baby has a strong chance of being born with a physical or mental disease.”

“I was raped.”

These are three legitimate reasons to get an abortion. If I heard these words escape any woman’s lips, I would be more than happy to give my support and lend a shoulder for them to cry on, if they needed it.

Instead, all I seem to hear from the women I know who do get abortions are:

“My parents would kill me if they found out.”

“I don’t want everyone in school seeing me pregnant.”

“I don’t want to put on all that weight.”

“I can’t afford to take care of it.”

“The dad doesn’t want anything to do with it.”

“I’m not ready for this kind of responsibility.”

And the more I hear this crap, the less I start referring to them as “reasons.” They sound more like excuses to me. Ridiculous, pathetic, unacceptable excuses.

Newsflash: The point of sex is solely to create babies. I know, shocking, right?

The function of an erect penis thrusting into a woman’s vagina is so that the man may have an unbelievable orgasm that releases millions of sperm to fertilize the woman’s egg. The egg becomes a zygote, the zygote becomes a fetus, the fetus becomes a baby. A screaming, crying, pooping baby. And our legacy continues.

Our body doesn’t know that sometimes we want to have sex just because it feels incredibly amazing. We would like for our bodies to automatically know when we’re trying to create babies and when we’re not, but they haven’t evolved that far yet. It just responds in the way that it is biologically supposed to, and during the act of sex, it will do what it can to encourage reproduction.

The general sexually active population will try to be smart about having sex by using one or more methods of protection. I take my little pink Yaz pill every evening and have my partner wear a condom every single time.

But accidents happen. I’ve had the unpleasant shock of a Trojan breaking on me, but the pill saved me from potential pregnancy. It wasn’t my fault, nor was it my partner’s. It was an accident. No one means for them to happen, but they do. And unless you have been raped, you are at fault if you’re pregnant because you made the conscious decision to have sex.

How would you deal with that?

A know a lot of women who have decided to go through with the pregnancy and take responsibility for the next 18 years of the child’s life. I think that’s admirable, but it’s something I personally couldn’t do. My job doesn’t pay enough to support a baby (and trust me—they’re the most expensive things you’ll own), it will interfere with my career, it’ll cut my dating options to an extreme minimum… oh yeah, and I absolutely hate kids.

No way in hell would I be keeping the damn thing. I’d put it up for adoption—the third option that only 1 percent of women knocked up before marriage tend to choose, according to’s 2010 adoption report.

It baffles me; I will mention adoption to some of my female friends who had considered abortion and their response was, “That would be so much harder than aborting the baby.”

Translation: “If I can’t have my baby, no one can.”

Women with this mentality need to shut their mouths as well as their legs.

Knowing that there are plenty of infertile and gay couples out there with steady incomes willing to love and care for the child as much as I would, I can’t bring myself to believe that my baby would be better off aborted, or at the very least, living a mediocre life.

If I were to get knocked up right now, yeah, it would suck spending the rest of my life thinking about the kid I let go. But that’s the risk I take for having that one night of fun I could have easily avoided. The guilt of giving up your own flesh and blood to another can never amount to the guilt of depriving it of what could be an amazing life.

Taking any other route would make me a coward if all I had were “excuses.”

Don’t call it “pro-life”; call it “pro-take-some-damn-responsibility-for-your-actions.”

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  • youre a fuckin idiot. our bodies, just like many of chimps and bonobos which resemble us down to the dna strands in our bodies, also have been recorded to have had cermeonial sex and orgies for pleasure. taking into consideration that animals have instincts and humans do not, its pretty much more than obvious that sex can be considered to have more than one goal:to make babies. “newsflash”, animals have orgies and its to relieve stress, tension between alpha males and so forth.
    i support abortion up ti the point of the growing baby forming bones:when i was having mine, i couldnt stand the sight of the pther womens’ bulging babies and the sounds emitted form the “operating” room.
    get your shit straight.

  • Concerned Reader

    Wouldn’t life be easy if it was just like Juno? Seriously, give me a break! I can’t believe this holier-than-thou ‘writer’ thinks she knows what the real world is like. Shut my legs? Why don’t you shut your mouth!

  • Categorized in | Columns, Opinion

    again…Categorized in | Columns, Opinion

    Everyone is entitled to theirs, but you could have politely disagreed with the writer, instead of hiding behind the anonymity of the internet and trying to start a flame war. If you have some repressed anger that you need to let out, troll the boards on 4chan, but please, keep it respectable for a news site.

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