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It’s the weekend. Stress from classes can be put aside for a short amount of time — For some, just a few hours, as more time is allocated to the pursuit of knowledge. Those of us who have hit the golden age of 21 are at a slight advantage over our underage colleagues, as bar life may provide an outlet for some to unwind and enjoy the company of friends and new people.

For those living around Cal State Fullerton, the nightlife in downtown Fullerton provides a viable option for students to do just that. The old town setting gives off a feeling of being in a time of the past. As Fullerton has become more modernized since its birth in 1887, the downtown area is a relic of history and culture for the city. The historical buildings that make up downtown Fullerton are home to some of the area’s 41 restaurants and bars.

Some of the bars in downtown Fullerton are aware of the influx of college students that frequent their businesses on the weekends. The Slidebar Rock-N-Roll Kitchen, located in DTF’s SoCo District, has bands play throughout the week and on Thursdays has a half-off-everything deal for college students with an ID. The CSUF logo is part of the promotional advertisement.

When Brian Frey, 23, a senior and Newport Beach resident, used to reside near campus, he could be found on any given night of the weekend at Heroes Bar & Grill, bumping into colleagues every now and then. When Frey ran into familiar faces, he’d enjoy learning something new about them that he hadn’t known before.

“Heroes is more laid back than other bars. Everyone sits and chills. They’ve also got good prices for beer on tap,” Frey said.

Back home in Newport, Frey enjoys frequenting Newport Beach Brewing Company, Malarky’s Irish pub and Woody’s Wharf.

“The atmosphere is very similar to the bars in Fullerton,” Frey said.

Robyn Coffey has been managing at Heroes for four years and is a master drink pourer by night. According to Coffey, hanging out at Heroes is a visit well worth your time because, “We have 119 beers on tap, giant beer mugs and pour awesome.”

About the atmosphere, Coffey said there is an “everyone-knows-you” type of vibe, but people also travel from other cities just to hang out there.

Christian Yoon, 32, is a graduating marketing senior residing close to campus. Although Yoon prefers going out to establishments that are more modern, he visits downtown for the convenience and good prices.

His first time to the area was last summer during a day of summer school at CSUF. He had befriended some colleagues and decided to go to Heroes Bar & Grill for lunch before his third class. One thing led to another and Yoon ended up spending the whole day bar-hopping.

“We went into Bourbon Street Bar & Grill because it was less crowded and we had no idea it was karaoke night. We couldn’t really back out because we had ordered drinks and food, but we ended up having fun,” said Yoon.

When asked about his views on running into other CSUF students, Yoon said, “It’s awesome seeing others outside school. I know we all study hard and sometimes need to get away. I know drinking isn’t the best way, but it has a way of bonding people.”

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