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Six students held onto a bicycle yesterday in hopes of winning a free iPad, part of a contest sponsored by Bucks4Books.

“I really want this iPad,” said Annie Chang, a health science major. “I have been looking forward to today for the past week. I am going to do whatever it takes to win it.”

All contestants had to have one hand on the bike at all times. They could not sit or kneel and were given different tasks throughout the contests to complete; whoever lasted the longest won the iPad.

The competition began exactly at 10 a.m. While a couple of students admitted they hoped the competition didn’t last too long because they had class at 1 p.m., Roger Berkeley, a child development major, said he would hold on to the bicycle for 15 hours if he had to.

“I am going to win this,” said Berkeley. “I have participated in something similar before, and I stood for over 32 hours.”

Nancy Sandoval, territory manager for Bucks4Books, said since this is the first time they are hosting the iPad contest, she had no idea how long the students would be able to last. Her rough estimate was 5 p.m.

“Our company is still fairly new. We like to do contests like this to interact with students and try to get our name out there,” said Sandoval.

Bucks4Books was started by students from Fredonia, N.Y. who were fed up with the campus’ typical low buyback and high markup cycle. Bucks4Books sells to a national market through the Internet, giving them the ability to evade quotas and buy back more books than the college bookstore that is limited to only buying books that are being used on campus the following semester.

Sandoval said their biggest competition is the campus bookstore that has been around for a long time, and even though Bucks4Books’ main focus is Cal State Fullerton, they sell nationwide, guaranteeing a broader acceptance of texts.

Bucks4Books prides itself on funneling money to students and campus organizations. They also offer employment to college students in the the market they serve. The Fullerton location only hires CSUF students to both promote the company on campus and work in the store.

Kacey Magsino, a communicative disorders major, has been a promoter for Bucks4Books since last semester.

“Bucks4Books has a lot to give. They offer really good deals to people selling back used books, deals that even I wouldn’t expect,” said Magsino.

On top of providing good deals to those who sell their books, Magsino said they also have many incentives and giveaways. Anyone who sells their books to Bucks4Books receives a scratcher and is eligible to win prizes that include a flat-screen TV, iPad, a Vegas weekend getaway, concert tickets, Dodgers and Angels tickets and over $5,000 in cash prizes.

The last two contestants standing in the iPad contest were roommates. Their final task that ultimately determined the winner required them to stand on their tiptoes and not let their heels touch the ground.

The iPad contest lasted for nearly four-and-a-half hours and ended at 2:25 p.m. The winner was Jocelyn Aragon, a radio-TV-film major.

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