False Alarm Sounds in Dan Black Hall

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A fire alarm went off in the chemistry lab early Monday morning at Cal State Fullerton, prompting the Fullerton Fire Department and the Anaheim Haz Mat unit to investigate the matter.

The alarm went off in Dan Black Hall at around 6:49 a.m., which prompted 20 firefighters to arrive on the scene. Due to the lab containing radioactive materials, the immediate area was evacuated, said Fullerton Fire Division Chief Tom Schultz to the Orange County Register.

By 8:40 a.m., it was a concluded that it was a false alarm.

“The activation was near a room that contained potentially hazardous material,” said Lt. Brockie of the University Police. “We followed our protocol for DBH (Dan Black Hall), which summoned the number of fire trucks you saw this morning. Coordinating with Fullerton Fire, we were able to determine the alarm activation was a false alarm.”

Once the Fullerton Fire Department was at the scene, they were able to locate the cause of the false alarm.

“It was a malfunctioning smoke detector. The alarm was reset and the property was returned to CSUF,” said Julie Kunze, Fullerton fire marshal. “Radioactive cautionary measures were taken.”

For this particular emergency, certain protocols had to be taken.

“The protocol from the police is that they respond to all calls and then they call the fire department and the fire department makes a judgment call,” said Colleen Wilkins of CSUF’s Environmental Health and Safety Office.

When the Anaheim Haz Mat unit arrived, the unit used the false alarm as a training opportunity.

“They turned it into a practice session, which is a good thing,” Wilkins said.

In a worst-case scenario, if it wasn’t a false alarm, Wilkins stated there would be plenty of warnings to get students, faculty and staff evacuated.

“There are a lot of smoke detectors that would alert people of a problem,” Wilkins said.

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