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Fierce battles ensued Tuesday afternoon at the Becker Amphitheatre as teams went head to head in a Pingpong Tournament that would leave the victor with the prize of an iPod Nano Touch.

The rules of the tournament were simple. Each team had to have two players and played up to 10 minutes or 20 points. If the game came to a tie, the first team to score two points would win. The teams battled it out until two remaining teams went head to head in the championship round.

“We have our Pingpong Tournament to showcase the free services that are provided in the (TSU Underground), which a lot of people don’t know about, so that’s why we brought the pingpong tables out here so we can have a fun tournament. We also have food for everyone because it’s lunch time and we know a lot of people like the free food,” said Tiffany Santana, an Associated Students Inc. Street Team member.

Starting off the event was team “White Boys,” Jack McCarthy and Kevin Doan against Anthony M. and Justin S. The teams played with intensity, hitting the neon ball back and forth with force. Team “White Boys” won the first round, proving they are in it to win it.

As the first two teams went paddle to paddle, the next in line were allowed to practice on a separate table to better prepare for the tournament.

“I’m here for the Nano,” said McCarthy, captain of the pingpong team. His teammate Doan had a much simpler objective. “I’m here for the pizza,” he said.

As the next teams took to the tables to climb to the top, students gathered under the shade to enjoy their free lunch, great music and front-row seats to the big game.

“I like these kinds of events. They provide free lunch for me and good music so I can sit under the tree, eat lunch and have a good time,” said Yong Ick Lee, a tournament attendee.

The next two teams were Jonathan K. and Courtney W. versus Roberto and Tyler. Jonathan lifted his paddle high and within seconds the ball made contact with the table, commencing the fierce battle. Unfortunately, Jonathan and Courtney were unable to keep up in the game and found themselves losing 20-16.

“I had a great time at this event. There was free drink and free pizza which makes me so happy, except we lost, but it was still fun,” said Jonathan Koong.

The team didn’t let the loss bring them down, simply enjoying the break from hitting the books hard for finals.

“I love that they are offering free pizza and I got to enter into the tournament and play with my best friend. It was a good little break from school,” said Courtney Webster.

Although sunny, the wind picked up some, making the championship round an extra challenge for the final two teams. Roberto and Tyler met their match with team “White Boys.” Both teams gripped their paddles like guns, recreating an old western showdown. The stakes were high, the teams were sweating bullets and brought the heat.

McCarthy made sure to bring in the guns, bringing his pingpong skills into the game. After 10 minutes of grunts, sighs and paddle hits, team “White Boys” reigned as champions, both teammates receiving brand new iPods.

“Pingpong is finally worth it,” McCarthy said on his big win.

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