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Despite 100 degree temperatures, more than 100 students lined up Wednesday afternoon for free food and drinks at the first Associated Student Inc. Cookout.

Attendees couldn’t say “no” to free food.

“They’re amazing. They’re free and they’re amazing, so everything’s good,” said Kevin Tran about the hot dogs.

Tran, 21, a bio-chem major, said he heard about the event through Facebook. Others said they came because they saw the long line.

Students were served drinks, chips and their choice of a hot dog, veggie dog or grilled cheese sandwich.

Some junior and senior attendees said the cookout was the first ASI event they have ever gone to. The first 50 people in line got ASI mesh laundry bags.

“This is my first ASI Cookout and it is amazing so far,” said Drake Burdich, 20, a business major. “I haven’t been out to many of the events. I haven’t gone out much, but I just got a laundry bag and now I can start washing my clothes and stuff. ASI has improved my life that much already.”

The event was put on to “promote ASI’s presence” at Cal State Fullerton and educate students about the state budget and what role ASI plays.

“While students are enjoying their free food, they’re also learning about why the Cal State system is in the current state it’s in because you hear a lot of different things, and you often ask, ‘Why isn’t ASI funding more classes?’” said Christopher Labrot, vice chair for ASI Board of Directors. He continued by explaining that funding for classes comes from the state and ASI cannot directly affect it.

ASI Chief Governmental Officer Jessie Frietze hosted a Q-and-A session while students ate their hot dogs and grilled cheese sandwiches. The questions dealt with the state budget. Those who answered questions correctly got ASI T-shirts.

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    “…but I just got a laundry bag and now I can start washing my clothes.”


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