Cheney attracts protesters to Nixon Library

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Protesters gathered in front of the Nixon Library Wednesday to voice their opinions regarding the administration involving former Vice President Dick Cheney.

Cheney appeared at the Nixon Library in Yorba Linda to sign his book In My Time and protesters were ready to chant before his scheduled arrival.

In the book, Cheney revealed he has “no regrets” about waterboarding detainees to get answers after the terror attacks of 9/11.

About 50 protesters against Cheney assembled alongside the corner of Eureka Avenue and Yorba Linda Boulevard holding signs up high and chanting. The group of parents, adolescents, students and veterans chanted out loud through their megaphones and hands, “Cheney, you can’t hide. We charge you with genocide,” following the voice of Mike Prysner, a former U.S. army soldier.

“(That’s why we’re here) to show that there (are) checks and balance,” said Marcus RunningDeer Gourley, an air force veteran. “And that these people are going to be held to a higher court and that they can’t get away with this.”

Across the way, in support of the administration, congregated a group of about six protesters all holding signs up high and chanting, “We love Dick” and “Dick Cheney is our Mother Theresa.”

“U.S. uses waterboarding. We protect America,” said Rez Saidi, a Cal State Fullerton student who was there supporting Cheney. “Other countries don’t; they’re the ones getting attacked.”

Protesters attracted honks and hand waves from drivers.

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  • Mother Theresa? Whom exactly did Mother Theresa torture? I don’t find that in her bio.

    Nazi Germany tortured.

    Imperial Japan tortured.

    How fortunate that they weren’t attacked…

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