Dress to kill, even on the job

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Sweatshirt, jeans and rainbow sandals are all considered a uniform for most students. The thinking behind an outfit selection is, “If I have to go to class, I might as well be comfortable doing it.” Though the careless student ensemble might work when inside a classroom, it doesn’t quite cut it for the so-called “real world.”

Everyone should care about fashion and how they dress. What people choose to cover themselves with is an expression of themselves. Individuals who never care what they have on give off a vibe that they don’t value themselves.
As graduates start looking for jobs they become more aware of the importance of looking polished and fashionable when making a first impression.

“Clothes don’t make a man, but clothes have got many a man a good job,” said author Herbert Vreeland, according to FIDM.com. Employers figure that if you can organize yourself and look presentable, then you can keep organized at work.
Dressing well can also give great confidence to someone. Being fashion forward and dressing appropriately for an event gives confidence and a desire to be seen.

“While clothes may not make the woman, they certainly have a strong effect on her self-confidence, which I believe does make the woman,” said Mary Kay Ashe, founder of Mary Kay cosmetics, according to FIDM.com.
Being fashionable is not about spending a lot of money either. Stores like H&M, Forever 21 and Zara make it easier to keep up with the always-changing trends.

Brands like Fendi and Prada can be used to get ideas from since they set the trends for the season. A Chanel cardigan jacket possibly featured in their runway show can be found a few weeks later at stores like H&M for a dramatically lower price.
From high couture brand’s ads or shows, people can get a sense of what is in for the season and what to pair it with.

Television shows like Mad Men exemplify how polished and put together fashion in previous decades were. In the show, the youngest characters are the worst dressed and the older ones like Jon Hamm are dressed to impress.
Nowadays, the opposite could be found in work places. According to The New York Times, older workers have taken on more relaxed, “retired” looks as the younger workers try much harder to look professional. The ‘50s fashion on the show inspires younger people today to dress like them.

“A leading fashion expert says that workplace dress codes and office etiquette have been on the decline in recent years; however, new trends suggest the vast majority of employees are sabotaging their career simply by making the wrong wardrobe choices,” according to the Times of India.

If something as simple as dressing well can help people reach their goals, then people should take advantage of the tool and care about their appearance.

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