A ‘C’ isn’t enough

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Some students think, “I don’t care if my grade is a C. As long as my GPA doesn’t fall under 2.0, I can graduate. I just want to graduate.” There are a lot of students who think this way.

However, it is true that those lazy students are actually able to graduate as long as their GPAs are higher than 2.0.

As long as the standard for graduating from college is as low as it is now, students do not have to study as hard because there is a high possibility to graduate without studying too hard.

Why are they at a college when they don’t put forth the effort to study? It is just a waste of time and money.

Students should be in school because they need and want to study.

There should be a higher standard to graduate from college.

Francisco Gonzeres, a tutor who works in the Pollak Library, said, “Some students’ writing skills are terrible even though they are graduating soon.”

Obviously these students aren’t fully prepared for a job, and those students with bad writing skills would have a hard time finding work after college.

For instance, if they do not know how to write an appropriate résumé, things may be hard for them in the future.

A higher standard to graduate from college can likely help a lot of students. It would be beneficial to those lazy students, as well as for all students.

This higher standard would encourage all students to study more or else jeopardize their chances at graduation.

For example, a higher standard would bring students more motivation to do better. Since they know they have to study hard to graduate from college, their interest for studying would increase.

If it is harder to graduate, students would think seriously about which classes to take.

They will not take a class they are not interested in because it will be much harder to get a better grade from a class they do not like.

What would colleges need to do to make the standard to graduate higher? There are some suggestions I have that may work.

The first thing I would suggest is increasing the graduation GPA requirement from 2.0 to 2.5. Since it might be easy for some students to get a 2.0, a 2.5 GPA would be a challenge for some students, but it will be valuable for them in the long run.

Furthermore, one thing professors can do is require that students not miss more than three classes.

Some professors do not even take roll, so, as a result, some students do not show up to class until the day of the midterm or final.

However, as comedian Woody Allen would say, “80 percent of success in life is showing up.”

As the quote indicates, it is important to show up to class, otherwise there will be no success.

Another thing they can do is forbid students from taking the same class more than twice.

There are plenty of difficult classes many students fail and retake, but all this does is cause classes to be full.

That could become a headache for other students who are left to find an alternate, available class. However, if there is a limitation, students would more easily be able to take a class they need.

It might be difficult to change the standard right away. It will take some time to change it, but this change should be gradual.

If there is a higher standard to graduate from college, students would be more successful in the academic field.

Moreover, those students who are lazy, lack initiative and do not want to study will be encouraged to study more because of the  higher standard.

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