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Leonardo Da Vinci did it with the Mona Lisa. Michael Jackson did it with “Thriller.” Louis Vuitton did it with handbags. But can adult entertainment industries do it with porn?

The proper definition of art has been debated for decades now. And, according to some, pornography cannot be considered a form of art.

“I think music and painting could be considered more of an art form, simply because I feel more time is spent creating it. I also believe that more personal feelings are put into creating music and paintings. To me, porn is more so focused on making money than taking the time out to be creative,” said Eric Cebreiro, a linguistics major.

Others may agree that art is more than just focusing on a profit.

“When I think of art I think of something not necessarily always beautiful, but something that sends a message to whoever is viewing it,” said Raquel Cornejo, a psychology major. “Art is something that inspires. When you see it, it brings out an emotion in the individual, like sadness or hope. Porn, I think, only arouses, which is only one emotion. Art is so versatile and brings out more than one emotion.”

An essay written by Kenneth M. Lansing, an author and art expert, describes art as a “visual art (that) is the skillful presentation of concepts (that reveal) ideas, emotions and feelings.”

However, some still believe sex to be a private matter. They believe that porn exploits the act by devaluing it and making it lose its artistic worth.

In the political world, pornography is considered an art form of expression, protected by the First Amendment, which encourages freedom of expression and speech.

People like Representative Cliff Stearns, a Florida congressman, refer to porn as an “offensive and indecent art.” This only pushes the fact that people like Stearns do not agree with the art form pornography takes, yet they still consider it a distinct type of art.

Others believe exhibiting the act of sex allows one to share with others the beauty in the act, while also allowing those interested to gain insight by seeing it from a third person’s point of view.

“I do believe that pornography is a form of art. I believe that it’s two people expressing themselves and, just like any regular film would be considered a form of art, pornography (should be) as well because it is two people interacting with each other, displaying…an everyday act such as sex, and it is presented in many different ways,” said Kimberlee Maiorca, a theatre arts major.

An article on introduces one of the intellectual advantages of watching porn by stating, “Partners can learn different techniques and perhaps stimulate each other in more innovative manners.”

By introducing and giving a new perspective to different sexual situations, pornography is affecting one’s intellect.

Studies conducted by The Times of India show that pornography can indeed affect an individual’s emotions. According to a survey conducted by the website, those who view porn allow “feelings of hate, fear, disgust, anger, loathing and contempt to replace connection, empathy, tenderness, caring and affection.”

The aforementioned study shows that pornography can affect emotions, but others suggest there are even more benefits.

According to, “Because of their aural effects, porn movies can liberate both partners, allowing them to become very vocal as well. Porn can turn you and your woman on because of the voyeuristic impression of watching other couples making love.” Stated by men themselves, this insinuates that watching porn can trigger your senses.

All of the previous studies indicate that pornography can affect intellect, emotion and senses. Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but according to the definition and studies done in the past, pornography falls right into the category of art.

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