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Freedom of speech, it’s a beautiful right all Americans have, but some people should really consider practicing the freedom to shut the hell up. Tasteless jokes about tragic events don’t ease the pain, it only furthers the gaping holes in humanity. Although it has already been a decade since the Sept. 11 attacks and the world has kept on turning, it is still too early for 9/11 jokes.

There is a huge difference from it being too early for tasteless 9/11 jokes to not mentioning the attacks in TV shows or similar outlets altogether. Fox’s TV show Family Guy aired a parody of 9/11 Nov. 13 which offended a lot of people.

The controversy was on the characters Stewie and Brian time traveling to ensure 9/11 happens in order to prevent an even worse nuclear civil war and cheering about succeeding. Stewie even says, “Wow. That probably wouldn’t look good out of context.” And out of context it was taken.

People will interpret it the way they want, but the episode showed despite the tragedy that ensued that day, there is still some good that came from it; it united the nation. Yes, the high-five was a bit much taken out of context, but they were rejoicing in stopping worse events.

“This episode was kind of brilliant,” says Alyssa Rosenberg at ThinkProgress on the website

She said it was “both charming and politically astute.” It’s true that if the events of 9/11 didn’t unfold as they did, we likely “would have done some bad things to ourselves and our country.”

The episode smartly captured the notion that “the attacks may have been an initial victory for al Qaida, but it’s a victory we consolidated ourselves.”

Parody with a greater purpose can be tolerated, but cruel senseless jokes just cut open fresh wounds into the surviving victims and victims’ families and slap them across the face.

Yes, it was offensive and borderline insensitive, but it makes a viewer realize (well, me at least) that sometimes tragedy has a greater purpose. Pearl Harbor was a tragedy, another huge attack on American soil, therefore close to the heart as well.

But if it had never happened, we could all be speaking German and continuing worldwide genocide. It pushed us into World War II where many soldiers died but achieved an even greater purpose.

Would people have been as offended if the episode had been about Pearl Harbor? Probably not, because those wounds are not as fresh as the ones left in the wake of 9/11. People are not ready to hear it, but again there is a difference from parody and malicious jokes.

Jokes like the ones found in, those are uncalled for and just plain retarded. Do these people have no respect for the victims? No pride in their country?

Not only did these people behind the site only wait a mere five years after 9/11 to post these jokes, but they are accompanied by amateur Photoshop photos of the event.

The website ends with, “This is America. And remember: Laughter is the best medicine (unless you have a terrible infection, and then we’d recommend antibiotics). If you can’t laugh at your pain, then they won. Let’s roll!”

What a pitiful excuse for their lack of sensitivity. Even controversial shows like Family Guy know the boundaries and the time sensitivity on material like this.

We fight for our freedom every day, freedom of religion, freedom of the press and freedom of speech, and we have to live with the stupidity that makes it out there because that is the beauty of this great country we live in.

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  • This writer completely destroys any credibility by showing her own ignorance and perpetuation of similar problems. By saying that these jokes are “retarded” and follows up by asking if they have “any respect for the victims?” shows the writers complete lack of self awareness of her own flaws. Being offended by something does not allow you to offend another group. I really was blown away when I read that sentence, how can someone be so dense, so oblivious and shallow

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