Boob hunters gone wild

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As long as there exists that vast world of cyberspace, privacy will be non-existent and nobody is safe.

Not you, not me and certainly not the celebrity who thought those pictures or that homemade movie he or she made would ever get out. It will certainly get out and it will be seen by many.

Until the world explodes into a heap of burning rubble, the matrix of smut will continue on. Celebrities such as Scarlett Johansson, and the many others whose private photographs they didn’t want the public to see but somehow were leaked onto the Internet, are constantly going to be at risk of privacy invasion.

It’s widely known by now that Scarlett Johansson’s email was recently hacked and nude photos of her emerged on a number of garbage celebrity-gossip websites. But is it wrong for the curious human who has the world at his or her fingertips to take a peak at such photographs when such photos were obtained illegally?

Morally speaking, absolutely. But we are a nosy and inquisitive species. So I’m not going to ream the ones who stumble across naked pictures of celebrities such as Johansson’s and take a quick look out of curiosity.

No. I’m going to get after the sick, privacy-invading hackers and those trashy sites that present the material. They’re the ones on the wrong side of the road here.

Folks like Christopher Chaney, the creep who was charged earlier this month with allegedly hacking into Johansson’s email to steal private photos of her and upload them onto the net, are sick in the head. They should be stomped out of society and fed to the dogs along with rapists, fascists, racists and child molesters.

But Chaney, 35, from Jacksonville, Fla., will reap the harvest he has sown if convicted. According to a Los Angeles Times article, Cheney faces up to 121 years in prison if convicted on all counts.

This cyber-stalker went to great lengths to access that basic human right of privacy that all free people should be entitled to.

The LA Times article brought up the fact that stars face a new type of stalker in the social media age. Steve Martinez, assistant director in charge of the FBI’s Los Angeles field office, called this new world of cybercrime the “hackerazzi” in the article.

Hackers such as Cheney do not commit their deeds for the money, but apparently for some sort of sick thrill. They are stalkers, plain and simple.

And who are the scum-bag people who post this material to their websites? They are trashy sites like The Blemish, Celebuzz and Starzuncut, whose sole purpose is to trash-talk celebrities and showcase them at their worst.

This isn’t journalism, it’s crap, crap that gains its viewership through sensationalism, gossip and smut.

But no matter how much I gripe over and loathe these sites, they will continue to flourish in this mad world of cyberspace.

It’s hard to pin the blame onto the viewer. The bastard hackers and the websites that help spread this illegally obtained material are the ones to blame.

I personally haven’t seen the photos of Johansson. I tend to not spend my time being a perv and lurking on the Internet like some 16-year-old high school kid.

But I did read about the pictures and the situation surrounding them for the purpose of writing this article. From what I read, she did nothing outlandish. She took a couple pictures of herself in the nude. So give the woman her damn privacy!

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