Devil’s Advocate: It is ethical for doctors to turn away those not vaccinated

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Vaccines have been receiving a bad reputation among certain uptight parents.

These parents believe that immunizations are extremely unhealthy. They have fallen into the trap of thinking vaccinations cause autism and other harmful effects.

In reality there is no scientific evidence proving vaccines cause such extreme side effects.
According to an article in Kaiser Health News, health experts have no reason to believe that immunizations are as dangerous as some believe.

In fact, they are actually quite safe.

The article also states that these rumors have been confusing parents, which is leading to unsafe decisions such as not vaccinating the child.

The article stated “widespread misinformation by self-described safety advocates and others is one reason pediatricians frequently find themselves fielding questions from anxious parents.”

Even when the doctor has extensively explained to the parents that the vaccines are safe and needed, there are parents who still refuse to vaccinate their children, despite reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stating lower immunization rates have been to blame for recent whooping cough and measles cases in the U.S.

Immunizations are meant to keep children safe and doctors are trying to get parents to realize that.

Thus extreme measures have been taken. In order for the parents to ultimately make the best decision for their child/children, doctors are refusing to treat those who have not had their immunizations.

“Pediatricians who go this route say they’re concerned about more than the health of the children. They’re also worried about other patients in the waiting room, some of them too young to be immunized or with health problems that compromise their immune systems. (Non-vaccinated) children put those kids at risk,” said Michelle Andrews, the author of the article in Kaiser Health News.

Misinformed parents are setting their children’s lives up for danger.

The article goes on to say that Melissa Henriksen, an assistant biology professor, has run into students who want to work with her, but refuse to get vaccinated because of what their parents have wrongly told them about vaccines.

Children need to be vaccinated, and the doctors who are refusing the service are only trying to get people to realize the issue at hand. Children with no immunizations are very dangerous to themselves and to the community.

Doctors have been forced to go to extreme measures, like refusing service to a child.

Vaccinations are for the common good of every member of society. Medical professionals are only trying their best to protect everyone from diseases and illnesses that can easily be prevented with vaccines.

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