Kevin Smith’s New Show Gets Down and Nerdy

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The everyday, nerdy banter of comic book fanboys is glamorized and documented for the small screen thanks to AMC and the genius that is Kevin Smith.The same network that captivated audiences with hits like The Walking Dead and Mad Men is bringing a whole different vibe to its lineup with the unscripted reality series, Comic Book Men– a show that follows the negotiations and conversations taking place at a comic book store in Red Bank, New Jersey. With a cast that’s lovable, hilarious and most of the time, inappropriate, this show’s a must-see.Jay and Silent Bob’s “Secret Stash” is the setting. The comic book store is run by Smith’s longtime friend, Walt Flanagan.

Flanagan’s the ultimate comic book and pop culture junkie. In between bargaining with people who try to sell him life-size Chucky dolls and running the store, Flanagan looks to his loyal sidekicks – or in this case, his co-workers and friends – for both help and comic relief.

One standout employee is the seemingly out-of-place Ming. A metrosexual that spends $300 on jeans isn’t what you’d expect to find at a comic book store, but here, he’s the honorary punching bag. Insult after insult and joke after joke is thrown at poor Ming, but at the end of the episode, you can’t help but want to make fun of him too. His kind-hearted nature and baby face seem to be the perfect target for the rest of the sarcastic and middle-aged men who dwell there.

The meanest (and by meanest, I mean funniest) of them all is Bryan Johnson. A bearded, scraggly, homeless-looking man steals the show every time he lumbers on screen with a sharp tongue and comic reflexes that rival anyone.

Johnson, who does not work at the store, but is seemingly always there, finds the time to make any pop culture reference he can.

It’s the perfect combination of his sass, Ming’s innocence, Flanagan’s knowledge and Smith’s star power that make this show a must-see.

Fans of the View Askewniverse (the collection of movies by Kevin Smith’s production company View Askew) will not be disappointed. In fact, it’ll remind you why you love Smith so much. Plus, keep an eye out in the background of the store for props used by the characters of Bluntman and Chronic in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, as well as the life-size and terrifyingly hilarious Buddy Christ from Dogma.

However, Smith makes up the supporting cast. While he is a part of the show, he really only is seen in scenes of a round-table discussion for his SModcast Internet Radio that is interspliced with the heart of the show, which are the events that take place at the comic book store.

It’s here where we get a feel for the daily lifestyle of a fanboy. The ongoing debates, whether it be about which female heroine they would most want to hook up with or a detailed analysis of why Christian Bale growls when he is playing Batman, plays to everyone’s inner nerd and demands everyone’s attention.

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