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The Business InterClub Council in collaboration with other student organizations kicked off “Business Madness” Tuesday in the courtyard of Steven G. Mihaylo Hall with free cotton candy, face painting, henna tattoos and their own flash-mob dance crew.

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“We’re trying to break the barriers on the stereotype that business people are very formal,” said Jesus Rosales, 24, an entertainment tourism management major and member of the Behind the Scenes club. “We have a fun side to us.”

Rosales helped jump-start the dancing and carried signs for his club around the courtyard to drum up excitement.

“Our clubs are all creative,” Rosales said. “We’re involved in entertainment and management, so we’d just like to break that barrier.”

Formerly known as Business Week, the program seeks not only to draw in students to the various programs and student clubs that the Mihaylo College of Business and Economics has to offer, but also to provide a platform for students to show their accomplishments to their peers.

The opening ceremonies on Tuesday, as well as some of the upcoming events, were sponsored by the Business InterClub Council. Many other business-related organizations on campus are also involved in hosting their own events during program.

Many special guests from both local and international business are scheduled to appear, including ESPN, Target and MTV.

Uting Hsu, vice president of programs for the Business InterClub Council, advised students to find an event that interests them and explore their opportunities.

There are workshops that come with a recommendation.

“The LinkedIn workshop is great for all students because everyone should have a LinkedIn account,” said Hsu. Hsu also mentioned guests from MTV’s documentary series, “The Buried Life,” as being one of the most hyped.

“I recommend for students to come out — even to one event. We definitely appreciate everyone’s support,” said Hsu, “and we want to make the business college one of the most well-known ones in the country.”

The events started Tuesday and will pick up again Thursday, continuing March 6-8.

In Steven G. Mihaylo Hall, each organization has their own tactic for drawing in students. Some clubs offered free food such as nachos, popcorn or cotton candy. One booth even had a giant, inflatable Tuffy the Titan.

The Finance Association, which helped orchestrate the face-painting booth, has a financial advisor from Merrill Lynch to speak on how to manage personal finances and a resume critique.

Luke Kinney, 20, was one of the students being painted.

“Leah told me to,” he said, laughing and pointing at Leah Espinoza, 19, his painter.

“In return for getting his face painted, he has to go a ‘Business Madness’ event,” said Espinoza, adding touches to a painted dog nose over Kinney’s own.

The Society for Advancement of Management (SAM) partnered with Behind the Scenes to set up carnival games, such as a basketball shot and a ring toss.

“It’s just to let students know that we’re out here,” said Eileen Delosreyes, 21, SAM president.  “Some clubs are doing recruitment still, and we just want to encourage the whole college to come out to the events.”

“Business Madness” is student operated, which means each club is in charge of their own events. Then the Business InterClub Council works with the school to advertise and host the locations. All the events are primarily organized by students, for students.

Although some of the clubs are exclusive to business students, the various “Business Madness” events are open to all.

“That’s what ‘Business Madness’ is all about: networking,” Delosreyes said. “In any profession that you go into, you’ll want communication, networking and leadership skills.”

Rosales, for one, is excited at the prospects, saying, “‘Business Madness’ is starting, let’s get this show on the road.”

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