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The hiking trails of Malibu are truly a magnificent sight to see. Come with me and experience the beauty of the coast.

Drive down PCH, make a right on Corral Canyon and keep driving up the hill. The drive may seem to take forever, but don’t worry. Once you see a hiking trail on the right side, the destination has been reached.

The wind is strong, and your hair may be blowing all over the place, but nothing can refute the beauty of this place.

Although the February weather is turning chilly, this scenic spot will always give the feeling of summer with its dirt road, green plants, rock boulders and beaming sun.

Standing at the top at such high elevation, it seems like the whole world is visible.

To the right side of the trail there is a deep canyon filled with lush vegetation. In the distance you can see the endless ocean.

To the left there are countless hills overlapping one another. They look like giant raisins.

If you keep traveling along the dirt path, the experience becomes even more majestic. There is a certain kind of spirit to this scenic spot. According to a Malibu resident hiking the trail, the location used to be a place of Native American worship, meditation and congregation.

 As you walk along the trail, all your worries and cares in the world disappear. There is only peace and serenity. With the lack of distraction, one is able to feel the Earth. It is almost as if the spirit of nature has taken over.

With the spirit of nature, comes the spirit of adventure.

Along the path, there are huge boulders on each side. If you climb up the gigantic rocks, the view suddenly becomes something magnificent. Literally everything can be seen from this spot.

From the top of the boulders, Catalina Island is visible. The canyons seem even deeper. The raisin hills multiplied to hundreds.

The best is yet to come. Just down the trail is a network of caves. To enter the caves, one must squeeze their way into this sliver of an opening. This tiny opening, cleverly named by the locals, is called the Birth Canal.

After traveling through the canal, you must climb up a boulder.  At the top is a large opening which leads to the heart of the cave.

Graffiti is all over the rocks, and in the back of the cave there is a large eyeball painted on one of the rocks — this is definitely a place where the young congregate.

At dusk, the city lights start to come alive. This means it is time to head back to the car. As you are walking back down the path, you will see the sunset.

This is the icing on the cake. The vibrant colors of rust orange, mustard yellow and a passionate, fiery red in the sky leave a lasting impression.

It’s a long journey that is worth it.

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