Becker Amphitheatre welcomes Escalator Hill

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The five-member orchestral country-tinged roots rock band of Antony Benedetti, Nancy Kuo, Andrew Schneider, Ryan Selan and Sandro Gavidia, known as Escalator Hill, will be performing Wednesday at Becker Amphitheatre starting at noon.
Benedetti, the band’s vocalist and acoustic guitar player said the name Escalator Hill came from the name of a location on his grandparents’ ranch.The band began playing shows and touring up the coast in April 2009, but Benedetti marks the full inception of Escalator Hill in November 2009 when their drummer was added.Escalator Hill plans on releasing an album in late fall.
“We are currently polishing up the last couple tunes for a new full-length and are excited about getting back into the studio,” said Benedetti.

Nature is a major theme that runs through a lot of the band’s songs. Benedetti, who writes all the lyrics, said he has always loved the outdoors, but all of the lyrics he writes come from personal experience. His previous group disbanded after he kicked his drinking habit and broke up with a longtime girlfriend. This led him to pick up his guitar and write about these abrupt changes in his life.

“In a nutshell, idealism smashing into realism is a good way to describe the way I write lyrics,” said Benedetti.

Benedetti considers the band’s first album, Poplar Avenue, dark but hopeful. The album is about knowing that around the bend there is something better, said Benedetti. The new material Escalator Hill has been working on has a much lighter and fun feeling.

“Still, there is a certain cynicism that resides just below the surface that I can’t seem to get away from,” Benedetti said.

The goal is not to get fans to think about anything in particular, but just to think, said Benedetti. He hopes his band presents something different, interesting and, on some level, thought-provoking.

Benedetti said a lone guitar with a single voice can be extremely moving and effective but prefers a full band playing a powerfully orchestrated piece.

“Every note has been carefully placed and scrutinized but in the context of the performance can sound effortless,” Benedetti said.

Escalator Hill will be traveling to San Francisco at the end of the month to headline at The Brick and Mortar Music Hall. The band also plays weddings and special events. During the month of July they will be playing Saturday nights at Casey’s in downtown Los Angeles.

Fans can visit Escalator Hill’s Facebook page to get updates about shows and purchase their music on iTunes, Bandcamp and CDbaby.

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