Two lieutenants promoted to the rank of captain

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Courtesy of the City of Fullerton

Acting Police Chief Dan Hughes promoted Fullerton police Lt. Lorraine Jones and Lt. George Crum to the rank of captain, according to a press release.

Jones, who was born in Fullerton but raised in Anaheim, is the first female officer to achieve the rank of captain in the department’s history. She is a 26-year veteran of the department.

“I worked with her since we were police cadets at age 18, and have watched her develop into a strong leader,” said Hughes in an email. “She is the first female to ever be appointed to the position of captain in our department’s history, and I am extremely proud of her and eager to work alongside of her.”

As a female police officer, Jones said early in her career she always had to prove herself to her peers, but that is no longer the case.

“It is exciting because we have a lot of younger female officers,” said Jones.

She hopes her promotion will encourage younger female officers to focus on their careers sooner and is optimistic about inspiring them to think about becoming leaders.

Jones said she started late in her career because she didn’t have any role models within her organization.

Now as captain, she is the commander of the department’s Services Division, which overlooks the department of officers in training and hiring, property, dispatch, records and jail. She is in charge of all the employees who are non sworn into leave.

Jones is also in command of the Community Services Bureau, which includes the press information officer beat and the school resource officers. She will oversee the Professional Standards Bureau, which includes internal affairs and the Training Bureau.

“I also oversee the budget,” Jones said. “I’ve worked with a small budget before, never one of this size, but we have a senior administrative analyst who really is our budget expert. She really does the majority of the work, and I work with her to make sure that the police department’s interests are taken care of, but also that we project appropriately for the police department’s future budget.”

In taking on this new position, Jones is looking forward to the opportunity to continue to help the police department work within the community. She would like to build a partnership and rebuild some of the trust they’ve lost over the last year.

“I am also looking forward to working with Chief Hughes,” Jones said. “He has a very strong vision of policing with a purpose and (I’m looking forward to) working with him to help his vision to fruition, not only within the department, but within the community.”

As a resident of Fullerton, Jones said it is a dream come true to be working where she was born.

“It is so rewarding … When I leave work, I am a member of this community,” she said.

Aside from being a police officer, Jones said she likes to travel; she has been to Europe five times in the last five years. She is a big sports fan who loves the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and is a season ticket holder for the WNBA.

Jones’ desire to help people is what inspired her to become a police officer.

Crum, like Jones, is also a Fullerton native. He moved to Fullerton in 1982 and graduated from Sunny Hills High School.

“I went on a ride-along with a Fullerton officer when I was a senior at Sunny Hills High School and that experience inspired me to enter law enforcement,” he said in an email.

After high school, he went to Fullerton College and graduated with an A.A. in police science. He went on to Cal State Fullerton, earning a B.A. in criminal justice.

“(After) graduating from CSUF, I earned an M.S. degree from Cal State Long Beach in emergency management,” he said. “I love Fullerton, which has provided many opportunities to me, so being a police officer has been my opportunity to give back to the community.”

As a captain of the Uniform Division at the Fullerton Police Department, he is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Patrol Bureau and Traffic Bureau.

“In addition, it is vital I support the vision and goals of Chief Dan Hughes as the department moves forward into the future,” he added.

Crum’s goal is to support Hughes and assist him with his continuing efforts to instill ethics-based policing, accountability and transparency within the department.

He is also looking forward to the opportunity to join Hughes and Jones in providing quality police services to the community.

As citizens, Crum and his wife are members of the Fullerton Elks Lodge, a local branch of the U.S. civic club.

“I have taken an active role to develop relationships with property owners in a part of Fullerton that is being revitalized by the city,” he said. “Through a collaborative effort between the police department, the property owners, community development and code enforcement, we are making the area safer for Fullerton residents.”

Crum said his greatest accomplishment is completing his formal education while being a Fullerton police officer. Working full time, raising a family and completing his formal education has been his biggest hurdle.

Aside from being a police officer, Crum has a passion for the outdoors. If he had chosen an alternate career, he would have majored in forestry, following in his father’s footsteps.

“I was always intrigued by my father’s work and the fact he was always outdoors,” Crum said.
He also has a passion for sports.

“I can often be found at Goodwin Field watching a quality Titan baseball game,” he said.
Crum and Jones were selected because of their understanding and demonstration of strong leadership principles, consistent exemplary performance and their strong ties to the Fullerton community, Hughes said.

“Both captains are committed to our community and are also committed to a personal conduct of high integrity,” he said. “These are essential qualities necessary to be effective and to maintain public trust.”

According to the press release, Sgts. Andrew Goodrich and Mike Chlebowski will be promoted to the rank of lieutenant, Cpls. Tony Rios and Rob James will be promoted to the rank of sergeant and officers Perry Thayer and Alan Valdiserri will be promoted to the rank of corporal.

“At the rank of police officer, promotions come in the area of assignments (detectives, motor officers, canine handlers) and those decisions are generally determined by (an) officer’s performance evaluations,” Hughes said. “Officers must demonstrate a strong work ethic, positive work ethic and a commitment to providing great customer service to be considered for these positions.”

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