Welfare recipients should be drug tested

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Taxpayer money should not be in the pockets of those who have a habit of putting illicit drugs into their bodies on a regular basis. According to USA Today, nearly two dozen states are making way to require drug tests for those who wish to receive welfare.

If we continue to allow drug users to collect welfare payments, this will only show that we condone this illegal behavior.
There needs to be something that makes sure that taxpayers’ money is spent in a legal way. Drug testing individuals who rely on money from us is a step in that direction.

Employers often require drug tests for hopeful employees so that employees are forced to be accountable for their actions. It’s simple, if you don’t pass, you don’t get a paycheck. Surprise drug tests are also not an uncommon occurrence. Tenure won’t even be protected from a failed drug test.
Why should this be any different for those seeking money from the government?

The consequence should be the same: a failed drug test, no check. The only difference is that the hopeful employee is looking for a job to sustain his lifestyle, not help from the government to get back on his feet. If a person who worked for his money, let him spend it on drugs.
It’s understandable that there is a need for benefit programs for those who need that extra cash to help get back on their feet, but our money shouldn’t going to those who use illegal drugs.

Arizona was the first state to start a testing program in 2009. According to USA Today, only one person tested positive.
This is an example of why the test is a deterrent to those who use the money for illegal drugs. The individuals who have been using welfare as funds for their drug addiction don’t bother to take the test because they know it’s useless to try to apply.

By requiring drug tests, we are discouraging those who live a drug-filled lifestyle.

As a nation, we should not condone drug abuse by funding those who take part in illegal actions.

Some have also argued that if we start drug testing those who seek welfare, drug testing should be implemented in other situations such as students applying for financial aid.

We should also drug test for financial aid recipients as the same principles apply. Financial aid money is given out to aid students struggling financially and condoning the use of illicit drugs should not be in the agenda.

Students are expected to use that money on tuition, books, housing, transportation and even food — necessities for students.
Welfare is for those who don’t have the money for the necessities, and drug use isn’t on that list.

According to USA Today, other welfare rules are also up for change. Ohio and Tennessee are considering restricting or eliminating eligibility for those convicted of drug felonies. North Carolina and New Jersey are considering requiring people to perform community service to receive government help.
These proposals are reasonable for those who are seeking help from the government and taxpayers.

Drug testing for welfare recipients needs to be put into action in all states because taxpayer money should not condone illegal drug use.
With this policy, law-abiding citizens are protected and illegal drug users are penalized. In addition, taxpayer money will no longer be going into the pockets of the drug lords through the welfare-drug addict.

Those who do not use illegal drugs will not have to worry about their welfare benefits being taken away.

As your favorite crime scene investigator on a television might say, “if you didn’t do it, you don’t have anything to worry about.”

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