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I will be the first to admit that I was one of those people who was hesitant in jumping on the food truck bandwagon. However, let me assure you that these are not the food trucks of our fathers.

The new food truck craze has taken Los Angeles and Orange County by storm. Food trucks offer unique (and delicious) foods to a wide variety of cult-like followers.

Nowadays, if I see one of my favorite food trucks on the freeway, I hit the gas and follow them to their next destination. Trust me, I’m not a stalker.

Food trucks offer food that you won’t necessarily find at the regular chain restaurant. (Move aside TGI Fridays.) Although you may have to cough up $4 for two tacos, they are worth it.

Kogi, a local Korean BBQ food truck with a Mexican twist, is one of the most popular food trucks in Orange County. All you Kogi haters can go swallow a knife because I fell in love with food trucks because of my experience with Kogi.

The short rib tacos, with their delicious sauce and spices, are to die for. Kogi’s menus have a plethora of different choices, from tacos, to its sinfully mouthwatering Kogi Kimchi Quesadilla, to sliders and burritos.

Recently, food trucks have started to congregate in groups at local high schools (like Troy on Thursday nights). These groups of food trucks taunt the foodie with their abundance of choices.

Too many good things to try, too little room in the stomach. This is why someone needs to come up with a portable fast digestion device, or maybe even a temporary stomach expander.

I attend the local food truck-gathering where trucks like Crepes Bonaparte, Sexy Burger, the Viking Truck and the Ragin Cajun Truck taunt me. What to eat, what to eat…

Crepes Bonaparte offers a selection of both sweet and savory crepes to satisfy the customer’s pastry desires. You can’t go wrong with their Nutella crepes. The spread itself is enough to part the clouds and bring heavenly music to the ears. (That’s an exaggeration. If it actually happens, you may have eaten something else…)

The Viking Truck offers a selection of bratwursts and tots that give the customer a kick of manliness. The brats are crispy and tough on the outside, and soft and warm on the inside (much like a Viking, I’m assuming).

If you can even fathom anything more you’d like on your delicious brats, they also offer a selection of six different sauces to dress up your Viking food. And not to mention, the brats (let’s just say portion sizes) are huge. (Insert: “That’s what she said” joke.)

My favorite food truck for the time being is the Ragin Cajun. They were featured on The Great Food Truck Race and now they have made their way to my old high school (which, of course, happened after I graduated…).

Its menu is not very extensive, but it’s so good. Ragin Cajun has shrimp po boy sandwiches with a side of red beans and rice with sausage (yes, it’s all mixed in) and a side of Gumbolaya.

What is Gumbolaya, you ask? Gumbo mixed with jambalaya. Why had no one thought of this before?

If Gumbolaya and shrimp po boys are not enough, Ragin Cajun also offers an array of unique sauces ranging from spicy garlic to chipotle, and everything else in between. It gets to the point where I get little containers of every sauce and just switch the sauce I use with every bite.

There is a food truck for everyone, so, before you make up your mind to steer clear of trucks because you don’t think they have what you’re craving, think again.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to track down the Ragin Cajun.

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