Motorcycle crashes near Eastside Parking Structure

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Photo by Robert Huskey/Daily Titan

A motorcyclist sustained minor injuries after a near collision with a sedan outside the Eastside Parking Structure at about 2:45 p.m. Wednesday. He was attended to by law enforcement officials and paramedics shortly after the incident.

The driver of the sedan, Everton Robinson, was making a U-turn around the center divider on Folino Drive when the motorcyclist zipped out of the parking structure and swerved around the vehicle. He was thrown off his motorcycle and onto the the sidewalk outside Steven G. Mihaylo Hall.

“He swerved to come away from the car, to avoid being hit, and fell off his bike,” said Candace Robinson, 20, a business major, who witnessed the incident from the sidewalk.

“(The) motorcyclist fell too, scratched up his palms and his knees, and I guess he had a lot of adrenaline so at first he wasn’t hurting, but now he’s in a little bit of pain,” she said.

The motorcycle remained on the scene with its tail light smashed and its right handlebar and side mirror crushed. There was no damage to the sedan.

Everton, who was simply picking up his daughter, was shaken up by the incident.

“I didn’t even see him,” he said. “The only thing I heard was when he hit the ground.”

Candace said that although the motorcyclist was being reckless, Folino Drive outside Steven G. Mihaylo Hall is a problem spot for commuters.

“The flow of traffic is so fast here… it’s just chaos in this corner,” Candace said.

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  • I often wonder why there is not a stop sign for the people coming out of the parking structure just before they get to where entering students turn left into lot F. I realize, that maybe, the thought is there will be a backup of cars into the parking structure. Sorry to say, it happens anyway. Whenever there is class change I just wait for the accidents to happen.

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