Back to basics: Dieting on road to recovery

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They say in times of panic, that split second where fate is still being determined, a person sees his or her own life quickly flash before the eyes.

I saw nothing.

Within a couple of seconds, my body lunged forward as it reacted to the heavy blow just after my ears heard a thunderous roar that seemed to come out of nowhere.

Darkness surrounded me and I saw nothing.

As I came to, I realized the F-150 truck that currently held me captive was alive with screams and moans of my family that surrounded me. I looked to the left and watched a trail of blood drip down my little sister’s temple while tears poured out of her eyes. I looked forward to the steering wheel and noticed my brother’s empty gaze, his body frozen with shock. My eyes followed my boyfriend as he climbed out of the passenger seat to come to my aid.

I realized I was the one screaming.

A minute later my family and I emptied the vehicle and stood back to glimpse at the truck, its bed scrunched all the way to the cabin like an accordion. Later, the facts would come together and we would all realize the burden that was placed upon our shoulders because of a middle-aged woman who was texting while driving.

We had just come back from a night out on the town and were five minutes away from home. The street, with a 50 mph speed limit, was virtually empty, and it was a shame that we somehow got stopped at a red light. That’s when we were hit, hard, by a mid-sized vehicle traveling a little more than 50 mph that failed to see us and the red light.

So what does this accident have to do with Titan Fitness?

Because of that woman’s critical need to text while driving, I’ve had to undergo several weeks of intense back therapy, with several more weeks still in front of me. My active lifestyle is temporarily gone, as I am not allowed to exercise the least bit aside from some light walking.

Although I’ve been going for walks almost every night, which my chocolate Labrador won’t complain about, I’ve still managed to put on a couple pounds.

With a few months of therapy still ahead of me, I realized I needed a new plan of action in order to maintain the body weight I’m most comfortable with.

Until my therapy ends and I can go back to being the active 22-year-old I was before, I’ve decided to start dieting in order to stay as healthy as possible.

After researching a handful of diets, I decided on starting the Paleo Diet. It doesn’t eliminate too much and doesn’t take severe motivation to stay loyal to it.

The diet is based on foods that could be hunted, fished, or gathered during the Paleolithic era, although they don’t necessarily have to be prepared that way.

Although many versions of the diet exist, the one I’m focusing on is a gluten-free diet that includes a wide variety of foods, including a small amount of sugars found naturally like honey. Basically, it’s do-able for a person with an abnormally large sweet tooth like me.

So here I go. I’ve never been one for diets, but desperate times call for semi-desperate measures. I’m apprehensive about the dedication I will need to put into my meal planning, but excited to see the way my body reacts to the food I’m putting in it.

My last semester here at Cal State Fullerton has brought on a couple of firsts, and more than likely a couple of memories and experiences that will stay with me for a lifetime.

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