Batman Live: From the screen to the live stage

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For the first time in DC Comics’ history, Batman – the world’s most popular DC super hero – has been turned into a live-action arena adventure.

The show, Batman Live, will be at the Staples Center from Sept. 27-30.

When Nick Grace, of Water Lane Productions and producer of Batman Live, approached Warner Bros. with the idea of bringing one of DC Comics’ most popular super heroes and icon to life, he had no idea that his pitch would turn into a world tour production.

Grace said he was looking for the ultimate family night out and wanted to have a show in an arena setting. Batman was at the top of his list.

“I pitched it to Warner Bros. thinking well it’s never been done ever as a live show in DC Comic book history so there must be a reason why they don’t want that to happen,” Grace said.

It took Grace and Warner Bros. two and a half years to make the show come to life.

Allan Heinberg, a writer for the show, was approached by Grace with the idea of Batman Live two years ago.

Heinberg said Grace had the amazing idea to build the stage show around the origin of Robin. He considered the idea a faithful retelling of Robin’s origin.

“I thought it was genius because it takes place at the circus and it’s a theatrical environment that we could recreate in an arena setting that would be appropriate to the setting,” Heinberg said.

For Grace, the hardest part of writing Batman Live was being able to tell the story on an arena-size scale but still keeping the intimate relationship with the audience.

“When you are in an arena you’re often times away from the actors and the world so the trick was trying to make it huge and intimate at the same time which I feel we have actually been able to do,” Grace said.

Grace added that the design elements are larger than life.

“The emotions that we are dealing with are all very relatable and very real. We have this amazing company who put you right in the middle of their story and they perform their show with an enormous amount of heart and wit and grace,” Grace said.

Kamran Darabi-Ford plays the role of Robin. He said it was a dream come true when he was asked about playing the role.

“It’s amazing!” Darabi-Ford said. “It’s every boy’s dream come true. Every boy wants to be a hero and this is absolutely perfect. There’s no other role or hero I’d rather play.”

Nick Court, who plays the role of the iconic superhero Batman, had the same enthusiasm as Darabi-Ford.

“Really happy to finally bring Batman to its home country,” Court said. “Playing Batman is a dream come true. This show and story is very authentic and very close to the original comic books.”

The show has toured through 15 countries in the United Kingdom, Europe and South America.

Batman is no longer just a comic book, but is now brought to life on the stage. The show is filled with a lot of fighting, flying and pyrotechnics.

Audiences get to watch Batman and Robin fight all the criminals from the Joker to the Riddler in one show.

Designed by Jim Lee, who draws the Batman comics, the audience members are sucked into Batman Live and they don’t get to escape Gotham City until the very end.

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