Devil’s Advocate: Illegal immigrants do not deserve driver’s licenses

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A California bill that currently awaits approval from Gov. Jerry Brown, AB-2189, will grant some undocumented immigrants, including young adults, a chance to obtain a driver’s license.

This means some 400,000 people living in California who qualify for federal deferred-action status will become eligible for this opportunity.

Yet by definition they are still considered illegal immigrants.

If someone is illegally in the United States they should not have the right to obtain a driver’s license. Illegal immigrants should not get the same benefits as those here legally.

Having a Social Security number or the right documents is a privilege, as is obtaining a driver’s license.

It should not be considered a right.

It seems strange that America, which is such a law-driven country, is turning a blind eye by granting undocumented immigrants the right to have a driver’s license.

Proponents of the bill will say allowing undocumented immigrants to drive will make roads safer; immigrants can legally take a driver’s test, have insurance, etc.  But there are many undocumented immigrants that cannot fluently speak or read English. Having someone on the road who cannot read road signs or communicate with other drivers is just as dangerous.

There are also undocumented immigrants who are college students struggling to find ways to get to school. According to an Orange County Register article on Aug. 31, these students say it can take hours to get to school, and if they could legally drive it would be much easier.

It is unfortunate that illegal immigrants are taking the burden their parents created by bringing them here illegally. However, struggling to get to school or anywhere else they need to be should be more of an incentive to become documented.

If these students want a driver’s license, it should make them want to work harder to become legal citizens.

It’s understood that immigrants are trying to better their lives, but by allowing those who are undocumented to drive there will be more wear and tear on the roads. This will cost taxpayers more money, which illegal immigrants aren’t paying into.

Allowing illegal immigrants to obtain a driver’s license is an award for illegal behavior. The state and country are already overpopulated.  MSNBC reported that, as of early 2010, California has the highest number of undocumented immigrants in the country at about 2.6 million.

Allowing some undocumented immigrants to get a driver’s license just makes California more appealing for illegal immigrants. It seems as though California is making it easier for illegal immigrants to stay in this country.

When it comes to allowing illegal immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses it is just a bad idea.

In a sense it’s almost like the saying, “Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?” Instead, in this circumstance it’s “why get legal citizenship if you can get driver’s licenses from the government?”

It is not a question we should be asking.

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  • Aren’t we all illegal? African Americans. Asians. White folks too considering they immigratted from their home in Europe to come to America and steal the land of others who were here already.

  • The reason that the federal government is not enforcing the law against foreign nationals staying in this country illegally is simple: cheap labor. The rich and powerful want to flood the market for labor, thus driving down wages for the many and driving up profits for the few. It’s that simple. Follow the money.

    Consider: if poor Americans want to send their kids to a rich school district, suddenly our government has no problems asking for your papers and proof of residence. Why shouldn’t poor and working-class American have the same rights to protect what they have worked for as the rich?

    It is projected that by 2040 the population of the United States will have been forced up to half a billion, and likely reach a billion before the end of this century. This is government policy. It will make America steadily more crowded and poorer for most of us. Also, by providing safety valve for oppressive foreign regimes, and by causing an almost total censorship of the negative effects of excessively rapid population growth, it will contribute to the overpopulation of the entire world and drag us all down. Ask yourself: has the average Mexican become better or worse off after their oligarchs were given free reign to export their unemployed to the United States? I submit that, in the long run, the only people who need to fear an enforcement of the laws against illegal immigration are those wealthy rentiers whose only god is cheap labor…

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