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Contrary to the statements in the popular informercial, starting the P90X system is not simple as it has been made out to be.

Prior to starting the program I was not aware that I would have to choose to do one of three different routines it includes.

Therefore before working out to the DVDs I had to research what each workout plan included and focused on.

Depending on each person’s preference one can choose to do P90X classic, doubles or lean.

Ideally the doubles routine, which includes extra cardiovascular exercise for weight loss, is the plan I’d like to follow. However with my tedious schedule I would have trouble completing it.

Doing the doubles plan I’d have to add another workout three or four times a week, which I have virtually no time for. Though the extra energy that could come as a result is an attractive outcome, I simply do not have the time for an arduous and time consuming workout.

Based on the research I’ve done, I’ve decided to commit to the P90X classic routine that is designed to use 11 out of 12 of the workout DVDs included in the system.

According to the Livestrong website, “P90X ‘classic’ program is ideal for men and women who wish to add muscle tone.”

The classic routine incorporates alternate days of strength and cardio work, which matches perfectly with my goals of weight loss and fitness as well as my hectic schedule.

Like all the other routines, a workout schedule is already planned out so all I have to do is insert the DVD and press play.

Before starting the program I browsed through all the DVDs to visualize what I am in for. Then actually doing the exercises left me even more exhausted than I initially anticipated.

Along with my decision to follow the P90X classic routine followed better efforts to not eat out.

With the exception of last Wednesday, I have not eaten out because I previously packed lunch and snacks from home.

My mornings are always a race with time, thus encouraging me to make these preparations before going to sleep at night.

Although these changes are a bit challenging it has been easier to do this with the help of my mother. She has also decided to participate in a journey toward a healthier lifestyle.

My mother has substituted some of our regular grocery items for a healthier alternative. These changes include wheat tortillas instead of flour or corn, pretzels instead of chips and green tea instead of soda.

I have heard that eating healthier is more expensive, but I figure what I am saving in eating fast food can go towards groceries.

So far these changes have allowed me to lose six pounds and I’m very happy with my progress. In just a week I’ve been able to achieve better results than my previous efforts at the gym.

I truly hope to continue sharing that I’m shedding the extra pounds and this column will proceed to be a motivating factor on my road to fitness.

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  • Congrats on losing the 6 pounds so far. P90X is no joke. Keep at it.

  • Irma

    Thanks Brad, means alot! :]