Residence life continues to build tight communities

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Robert Huskey / Daily Titan

Walking to her apartment after a long day of class, urging for a chat with a fellow roommate to let out some steam, Dulce Flores, 20, a human services major, had no one to talk to because of the lack of an interaction area in her small on-campus apartment.

Flash forward two years later as Flores, returning resident advisor, walks into her room after a long day of lecture and takes comfort in the presence of her dorm mates as they interact and discuss their day.

As noise fills the dorms with an abundance of chitter-chatter as roommates interact with each other, what comes to mind is the idea of unity and friendship.

Well into their early years of running, not only are the dorms aesthetically pleasing and structurally pleasing, but they provide the sense of family and social interaction among its inhabitants.

“You get to meet new residents and you spend a lot more time together,” said Flores.

Flores said what she lacked as a resident of the older apartments was less room and less social interaction based on the floor plans of the older dorms.

“The (dorm) rooms are a decent size, they have AC, an active room so everyone can hang out, a study room, pool tables, foosball, and ping pong,” Flores said.

In contrast to the old dorms, Flores said the updated ones are to her liking.

Essentially, the new dorms provide a home-like feel with the addition of interaction and noise that a student would miss from a home environment.

Another addition to campus was the Gastronome. A year ago, most students were spending a substantial amount of money for food to supply their growing appetite.

With the lack of variety of food places on campus and high prices, the Gastronome was a money saver.

The Gastronome offers meal plans so students have the option of how much they want to pay based on their daily budget and offers a variety of food, all within walking distance to the dorms.

First-year resident advisor and second-year dorm returnee Annie Corral, 19, a biology major, agrees that the Gastronome was a beneficial contribution to the new facilities on campus.

As the dorms are structurally built to provide an area for living, an area for cooking and supplying your own dinner in your dorm is almost impossible.

With its wide hours of operations starting early morning to late night, seven days a week, the Gastronome offers a variety of foods.

“There’s always a salad bar and they always have cereals, but then you have the international side and there always something different, like sometimes Asian sometimes Greek, it’s really versatile,” said Corral.

Aside from the variety of foods the Gastronome offers, it also provides the sense of a home-cooked meal for a reasonable price, which students appreciate when they are away from home.

The Gastronome provides a beneficial service in feeding students, which the dorms previously lacked.

Marissa Diaz, 19, student and resident assistant, also loves the new residency primarily for environmental reasons.

“I like (the dorms) a lot. They are eco-friendly, although a lot of students complain the air doesn’t stay on all the time. Also, the maintenance staff keeps the ground nice and beautiful,” said Diaz.

In the midst of change it seems Titans are embracing the new facilities with much admiration.  The pleasant atmosphere of the new grounds students call home are more beneficial and comforting in more ways than one.

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