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Sitting in a lecture hall of more than 100 students it is hard not to notice students nodding off one by one as the class goes on.

Sleep deprivation is common among students on campus.

Students everywhere are falling asleep in their classes and there are many explanations and excuses for why they are struggling to stay awake.

Endless responsibilities such as working a job or two, involvements on campus and plenty of homework are enough to keep a college student busy.

Add an active social life to that already heavy workload, and that results in one lethargic young adult.

Ryan DeSmith, 20, a business major and Pi Kappa Phi fraternity member, said living across the street from his fraternity house contributes to his lack of sleep.

“People are always over but that’s just what people do here,” said DeSmith. “That’s almost everyday too so I kind of just got used to it.”

DeSmith said he is forced to do his homework in his room when all these distractions are going on around him.

Sometimes his friends do not leave until 1 or 2 a.m. and that is when he is able to finish his homework and finally fall asleep.

Wayne Henderson, geological sciences professor, said students are definitely sleep deprived but the reasons behind their lack of sleep vary.

“Some people work too much. Some people party too much,” said Henderson.

Students’ disinterest in the subject they are learning is one of the reasons for some students sleeping in class.

Austin Alvarez, 19, an undeclared major, said the reason he falls asleep in class is not so much that he is deprived of sleep but simply because he is bored.

He has trouble staying awake in classes that do not appeal to him.

“It’s usually in a subject I’m not interested in,” said Alvarez.

A dark room, a powerpoint that can easily be found online and a monotone professor can all add to a student’s struggle to stay awake.

Students said it is not only the subject and material that bores them but also the professor that bores them as well.

Some instructors like to actively engage themselves in their sections but others do not.

Students catch onto this and choose not to stay awake because they notice the lack of effort put forth by some of their professors.

Henderson said the extent of involvement professors have in their classes also plays a role in students staying awake during a lecture.

“There are going to be a few classes that are terrible because the instructors don’t care,” Henderson said.

He said some instructors do not involve themselves in their classes as much as others do but they should also not take all of the blame for students falling asleep.

“Some people don’t give the class a chance. So if you’re falling asleep you really shouldn’t pass the class,” Henderson said.

There are endless excuses and explanations as to why students fall asleep in their classes.

Sleep deprivation proves to only be one of them.

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