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If students are looking for friends, at Cal State Fullerton there are about 37,000 people to choose from.

However, being a commuter campus, many of those students just attend class and do not take part in other activities in the university.

The classroom is the number one spot where students introduce themselves to each other, not only to build friendships but to feel secure with class homework and tests.

Although talking to the person in a nearby desk is convenient, a number of students have proven that some of the best friendships come from outside of the classroom.

In some circumstances, the best frienships blossom even outside of the university.

Clubs and student organizations are a great way for students to not only become involved with their campus community, but to meet other students that more than likely share a few things in common.

CSUF features a broad spectrum of clubs focusing on sports, education and recreation, among other things.

Aaron Montgomery, 21, biology major, has met numerous friends through the Student Health Professions Association, an organization on campus dedicated to helping students pave their way toward a profession in health while becoming involved in campus life.

“I have a lot of friends today because of it, and many of those friends have also ended up being in a lot of my classes,” said Montgomery.

Joining a club that centralizes around a certain major or career choice is a great way to meet new people who share common interests.

Dimitri Opreani, 19, a computer science major who is a freshman and new to CSUF, is looking forward to joining a club based on his major and finding friends who share his passions.

“I’m really looking forward to meeting people through a computer club,” Opreani said.

For those looking to show off their athleticism and take part in competition, becoming involved with a sport not only flaunts special talents but also results in lifelong friendships.

Alex Miller, 23, a public administration major, first started playing hockey for CSUF his sophomore year and has gained much more than a few wins and injuries.

“All of my best friends are and were on the team,” said Miller. “I’ve made a lot of friends through banquets and meetings held with other teams as well.”

Miller also described other locations around and near campus where he has been able to connect and interact with new faces.

“I’ve met people in the gym, like the cardio room. A game is usually on and the guys start talking to each other about it,” he said.

There is also downtown Fullerton, the nearby night scene where many students flock to take a break from homework and late night studying.

“I go out to downtown Fullerton probably more than I should,” Miller said.

Located close to campus, downtown Fullerton is a haven for party animals with plenty of bars to hop back and forth to.

It also provides the entertainment enthusiasts with great venues to catch a couple tunes or shows, not to mention a couple of great restaurants ideal for the college student.

No matter which way a student is headed downtown, chances are other CSUF students will be a large portion of the nearby crowd.

“In downtown Fullerton, if you want to meet people you just go up and meet them,” Montgomery said.

Although CSUF is considered a commuter campus, the community inside and outside of the university offers a surplus of opportunities for students to meet new people and make a couple of new friends, guaranteeing a college experience worth remembering.

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  • Thank you for a life-affirming article that reinforces the importance of building friendships. A major part of college life is the socialization process, an extension of the “getting along well with others” pledge that we learned from the time we were in kindergarten. As Robert Fulghum puts it: “You may never have proof of your importance, but you are more important than you think. There are always those who couldn’t do without you. The rub is that you don’t always know who.” College friendships help us know who those people are who couldn’t do without us.

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