Bump in road to recovery

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I had been so excited to share my story of finishing up decompression back-therapy and moving on to exercising while implementing my paleo diet plan. Instead, I got sick, and that story got put on the backburner.

Since my last column about two and a half weeks ago, I’ve been doing pretty well in regards to the diet and staying strong. I now have a special recipe book with pages upon pages of yummy new recipes that are mostly paleo. Most of them are absolutely delicious and I would actually prefer them over one of my usual favorite pasta dishes, which has really made me question my self identity.

I feel as if I am just now opening my eyes to the world of cooking that I had thought I had seen before. I’ve noticed the many wonders of spices and what they can do for a meal. I stand back in amazement of the actual appearance of my dishes and the beautiful colors arranged on the plate in front of me. Who knew that food could literally look so gorgeous?

I’ll be honest, and a tad bit proud. I’ve turned my entire household into a paleo-obsessed machine, including the dog. My boyfriend and I make sure that chicken or beef is always the first ingredient in his food rather than corn or wheat flour. He also gets a heaping amount of fresh veggies if he’s lucky, with zucchini being his favorite.

However, I’m absolutely itching to start exercising again. Walking, running, hiking…whatever! I don’t care what type of workout! Especially when considering that my therapy should have concluded much sooner.

I became sick and had to stay home for a week or so from therapy while miserably munching on foods that I couldn’t actually taste because of my congestion. The only positive thing that came out of my week with the sniffles was a new and extremely spicy recipe involving shrimp. It did the job a couple of nights and cleared my nose right up.

So now I’m left counting down the days until I can really put my body to the test. It’s been a long four months of back therapy and various different doctors, but I’m glad that I got it taken care of sooner rather than later. My focus has been on restoring my health and body, and hopefully in just a couple of weeks, it will get its first dose of exercise.

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