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Ethan Hawke plays a true crime novelist who discovers a box of disturbing home movies in Sinister.

There are certainly some twists and turns with Sinister, but some aspects have been done before.

Hawke, mostly remembered for his Academy Award-nominated role in Training Day, makes a leap into the realm of horror.

Horror movies always follow a generic structure to help the audience develop true fear (death, scary music, blood, ghosts, and suspense).

This movie does help emit that needed fear and it is done the right way because of new twists that are not seen in past horror movies.

Sinister may have some new twists, but there were countless aspects that were predictable, such as Hawke’s character being a writer.

Countless horror movies incorporate a writer of some kind much like The Shining or Secret Window.

Throughout the movie, the audience could guess what would happen.

A frequently predictable movie is usually never good.

However, there were some new changes to reflect on as well, like the plot being more focused on the disturbing home movies that Hawke’s character is studying.

The more he delves into the mystery behind the videos, the more the film reveals about an evil entity that is threatening his family.

A majority of the credit for the scare-factor in this film should go to its structure and producer.

The producer of Paranormal Activity, Jason Blum, also produced this film. Certainly, the audience will expect a specific type of movie knowing that.

The style of the film is reminiscent of Paranormal Activity. Therefore there should be a large fan base that would enjoy watching Sinister.

Writer-Director of The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Scott Derrickson, seemed to enjoy focusing on the nitty-gritty shots similar to Paranormal Activity.

It seems that this style of movie making added to the feel of horror.

Hawke’s character is relatable since, like most people, he yearns for success.

His character published one top selling novel, but he hopes that the work he puts into this mystery will help him return to the top.

Certainly, his needs overrule his wants, which lead to Hawke’s characters’ end.

He wants to be able to write his novel. However, all the evil that surrounds him and his family only feed into his family wanting to move.

Since Hawke was the leading character, the focus is always on him.

It would have been nice to see more attention on other characters.

But there was a reason the audience was lead away from some of the other characters. In the end it paid off, very well.

Audiences seemed to enjoy getting their thrills from this horror movie since it was number one in the box office during it’s opening weekend.

The American public always love to be scared during October and Sinister definitely came at the right time and with the right cast and crew on board.

The film has a good score to aid the sense of fear drilled into the audience.

Music can make or break a movie. Sinister certainly benefitted from the choice for background sound effects and music.

Much like a tragedy, there is no happy ending for the family in Sinister.

The director made this movie the way he wanted it, but will everyone else enjoy tragedy as an end?

Based on box office numbers alone, Sinister has a lot of promise and interest coming from audiences around the country.

There are enough twists and turns around every corner in Sinister to give the audience the frights they yearn for.

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