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Based on the highly acclaimed novel written by Stephen Chbosky, The Perks of Being a Wallflower is a story of what it’s like to grow up in high school through the intimate and reflective letters written by Charlie, played by Logan Lerman.

Charlie takes fans through his first year in high school through his own perceptions while he battles his past in order to discover his future.

In a coming-of-age story about friendship and self-discovery, Lerman spoke about the amount of preparation put behind this film adaptation.

“I was isolating myself for a little while with the material and figuring out the character arc path,” said Lerman. “His intentions behind his mind and getting to know the naïve, sweet and genuine young guy.”

Lerman was inspired by the Robert Redford film, Ordinary People.

Chbosky and the cast always found it important to keep in mind that the novel already had great following and admiration from a loyal reader fan base.

“We’ll work our asses off and hopefully it’ll turn out alright, and we’ll always remember we tried,” Lerman said about alleviating the pressure.

Lerman worked hard to develop and understand his character while Chbosky directed his first film.

While novels are frequently adapted to film, a great concern for these adaptations is whether or not any important ground is left uncovered.

Lerman read the book himself and said Chbosky structured the screenplay very well.

“Of course more ground could be covered in any movie but then it wouldn’t be a movie, it wouldn’t be a film,” Lerman said. “It would be really freaking long.”

Lerman added that his favorite line was, “We accept the love that we think we deserve.” This was one of the most beloved quotes in the story of Charlie and his friends.

Lerman’s favorite scene was when his character, Charlie, got stoned for the first time.

“I had a whole lot of fun, we all had a good time doing that,” Lerman said. “It was the lightest thing in the whole film compared to some of the darker scenes. It was a lot of fun to make.”

Not all scenes were as easy for him to film. Lerman said he had never seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show before filming the Rocky scene in the film.

“We shot the movie in the same town that Chbosky grew up in and where the story takes place,” said Lerman. “We actually went to his childhood theater where he grew up watching The Rocky Horror Picture Show. So, we all went to see the show.”

Lerman said he went through an hour-long conversation with cast members and Chbosky to be convinced to wear the golden underwear for the scene.

The story is beloved because of the relatable themes and experiences that are highly relevant. Lerman said he learned about the overall importance of friendship and confiding and being trusting in other people.

Apart from his hopes that The Perks of Being a Wallflower will bring entertainment, Lerman wants viewers to gain more.

“If people are going to take anything away, it’s just feeling secure with who you are, and not feeling you’re by yourself,” Lerman said. “Feeling comfortable in your own skin and feeling free.”

Audience members can join the journey of feeling infinite with Charlie, Sam and Patrick in The Perks of Being a Wallflower, now in theaters, starring Logan Lerman, Emma Watson and Ezra Miller.

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