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Ambiance is everything when it comes to the mood and feel of a desired destination.

Reigned with bars galore with a different vibe for each, Fullerton’s popular hangout for students and residents, located off of Commonwealth Avenue and Harbor Boulevard  (also known as Downtown Fullerton), offers diversity in ambiance to appeal to individual desires.

As you make your way down Harbor and Amerige Avenue in Downtown Fullerton, you will find one of the only bars in town known for the “strongest pour,” making your money well worth spending.

Downtown Fullerton’s Back Alley Bar and Grill offers a cool laidback environment. The front door entrance invites you to the bar and a dimmed down essence for a much more intimate feel.

Loud music blasts setting the tone for a good night worth of drinks and dancing.

As you make your way down the hall to the opposite side of the bar, an additional room is provided with a much more laid back feel.

Pool tables are the main attraction of the room as well as another bar. Another feature of the room are the live bands that take the stage.

If you are looking for a relaxed environment bar (like T-shirt and jeans) after a long day of school or work, Back Alley is the place.  It is more of a college hangout due to the number of students that come out to listen to the bands and socialize.

The crowds are ambient and fun, especially on a Friday or Saturday night.

If rock ‘n’ roll is your type, then Slide Bar Rock ‘n’ Roll Kitchen (located off of Commonwealth) is your place.

Slide Bar has an open environment. Much like Back Alley, they too have a separate room dedicated for live band performances.

KROQ FM often promotes live bands at the venue, so the genre of the bands is usually rock.

Slide Bar is also a restaurant that offers its services seven days a week, including Sunday brunch.

As you enter through the back entrance, a patio with heated lamps are available for cooler weather.

Brick accents line the interior with band photos covering the walls.  There are also two bars. One is located inside, stocked and serviced by two or three bartenders, and the other is outside on the patio, also stocked and serviced.

The crowd is loud and rowdy and definitely ready to party. If you are looking for a small intimate bar with a relaxed atmosphere, Slide Bar is not for you.

It is also has an indoor/outdoor accommodation for those who would like to smoke and still feel like they are apart of the bar, without having to leave.

If rock ‘n’ roll is not your thing, the Continental Room provides hip-hop, top 40, and electronic dance music (EDM) type of genres throughout the weekend.

Thursday nights are the best time for college students to attend. The Continental Room offers a special promotion, show your TitanCard before midnight and all drinks are $5.

The ambiance is a dimmed light environment, with table lights only above the few booths and at the bar to provide bartenders with light to make drinks.

As you make your way deeper into the bar, there is a small dance floor with a stage for the DJ to play his set and get the crowd dancing.

The Continental Room  also has a small lounge area with sofa seating and a small bar nearby.

For a more intimate feel and dressier environment, Downtown Fullerton’s Matador Cantina is the place to checkout.

From the bouncers all the way down to the bus boys, their personalities are fun and inviting.  The Cantina is also a restaurant.

The ambiance is more of a modern bar and restaurant with lavish booths and a dark oakwood bar stocked and serviced by about four bartenders.

The bar also includes a DJ booth (above the booths) so the DJ can get a feel for the crowd and a sense of what to play to get them dancing.

All the employees look professionally dressed in black from head to toe.  Whether you are seated at a booth or waiting on a drink, you receive great service.

If these bars are not for you, Downtown Fullerton has more bars to offer. Locations vary but most are down Harbor Boulevard. If you pass Commonwealth, you’ve gone too far.

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