Volunteer center helps with Arboretum upkeep

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Students looking to volunteer and devote their time towards an academic program can consider working with the Volunteer and Service Center.

The Volunteer and Service Center, located inside the Titan Student Union, works with various groups and organizations to provide a helping hand throughout the local community.

On Saturday, one of the Volunteer and Service Center’s programs, Project Earth, held an event to help conserve the Arboretum. Several students came out to this event to make a difference in the environment.

Volunteers came together to paint the administration building inside the Arboretum.

Staff members at the Arboretum took the students on a tour where they discussed the history, land, animals and agriculture of the Arboretum.

The Arboretum hosts many events throughout the year so the landmark must remain clean and up to date.

“I’m very happy I was able to volunteer and experience the Arboretum through the Volunteer and Service center… the Arboretum is a beautiful and unique part of Cal State Fullerton, and working there gave me a deeper appreciation for it,” said volunteer Dan Hagerty, 22, a history major.

Hagerty said he learned quite a bit about the Arboretum from the staff members during the tour.

“Even between the micro-terrains in the Arboretum, temperatures are different. It shows how big of an impact life and landscape have on our climate,” said Hagerty.

Project Earth allows students the opportunity to learn about new concepts about the community.

“Volunteering at the Arboretum turned out to be a rewarding experience because I was helping out our local community,” Quangving Nguyen, 23, an anthropology major said. “I was also given the opportunity to meet new friends who share the same interests as I do in helping save the environment.”

Aside from learning about the Arboretum, students were able to explore and get in touch with contemporary conservation efforts.

“I can give back to the earth by frequently volunteering because this is something that most people seem to overlook. As a species, we consume the earth’s resources and seldom do people realize how important it is to give back to our society,” said Derek Boyd, 21, an anthropology major.

Students are able to use the Volunteer and Service Center to regularly participate and give back to their community. It maintains leadership and gives students the opportunity to intern through the Project Director program.

This organization provides specific programs each semester in order to help students serve their community.

Other programs offered include H&H Week, Students Act, Project Earth, Hunger Coalition, Project Read, Community Connection, Project Buddies and the American Cross Blood Drives.

For those interested to find out more information on upcoming volunteer events visit the Volunteer and Service center on campus or online at Fullerton.edu/volunteer.

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