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Courtesy of Nick Pavlovsky

Even after already winning two Emmy Awards, Cal State Fullerton alumnus Nick Pavlovsky did not stop there and secured his third Emmy this year.

The radio-TV-film graduate was working the position of photographer, also known as the cameraman, when he won his third regional Emmy while working at KOMO TV in Seattle.

The Northwest Chapter’s Emmy Award was under the promotions category for “News Promo, Single Spot.”

Pavlovsky won his first Emmy award for the promotional campaign “A Day in the Life,” a promotion for KOMO TV’s weather team. The campaign’s premise followed around the station’s weather team as they used meteorology terms in their daily lives.

Even though he graduated in 2004, Pavlovsky started his career in the TV production industry early in 2002 when he received his first job at Time Warner Cable.

Ever since then, and until he received his current job in 2010, he has been building his portfolio, doing freelance work for reality TV shows in Los Angeles, COX Communications in Orange County, and various films and commercials.

“When I interviewed with my boss, he loved my range of experience. I wasn’t just working for a news station and I wasn’t just working as an editor,” said Pavlovsky. “I did sports, I did commercials, I did films. I did pretty much everything and he loved that. He knew that no matter what, I could step in and get the job done.”

While working at KOMO TV, Pavlovsky became a worthwhile asset to his job and team.

“His technical skills are impressive, he’s a very quick study and committed to personal growth, but most importantly, he’s an absolute pleasure to work with in all ways,” said Dannis Hanson, operations manager for KOMO TV.

He made the decision with his wife to leave Southern California and move up to Seattle. It paid off, as Pavlovsky said he enjoys working a steady job up north and said the best part of his job is helping small businesses.

“(The best part is) when we work with small businesses and we hear from the sales department that, by us creating their commercial, their profits rose hugely,” Pavlovsky said. “It’s good hearing that, after the fact, knowing that our commercial made their business better.”

During his time at CSUF, the most useful and enjoyable class he took was the advanced video production class.

Pavlovsky took the position of director and editor and helped create a film with the class which won “Best Picture” category at the TV Film Society Awards at CSUF.

As far as professors go, one of the best teachers he had at CSUF was Shelly Jenkins, who he said was really easy to talk to and really tried to get the best out of every student.

Jenkins said Pavlovsky was mild mannered in the classroom, but a very dedicated student.

“He was serious about learning his craft and, although quiet at times, he would seek additional help and guidance when needed,” said Jenkins.

Pavlovsky had some advice for students looking to get a job in the television industry. He did his internship in his sophomore year and recommends taking an internship early to make sure students are training for a job they actually want to do.

“If not for anything else, it’s to figure out that it’s the right industry for you,” Pavlovsky said.

But the most important advice he had to give to RTVF hopefuls was something most students have heard before: networking.

He asserted he received a lot of his freelance jobs by meeting someone, getting hired, being liked enough to get hired by the same person on another project, meeting someone new, making a good impression and then keep getting rehired.

“I know a lot of people stress this, but it is so true: You have to network,” Pavlovsky said. “If you get stuck with the same crowd, you’re not really going to grow and you’re not going to learn as much as you really can by getting out there and meeting people.”

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