Devil’s Advocate: Statistics show women aren’t as physically strong as their male counterparts

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The phrase “chivalry is dead” has been circulating throughout society for some time now, yet women still seem to make chivalry an important factor in their dating lives and admire those men who implement it.

Does he open up the car door for her? Does he wait until she dishes up her dinner before proceeding with his own? Simple chivalrous gestures like these make or break a relationship in many situations.

Women have been working toward better equality for ages, and in most cases, they have achieved many of their goals. More recently, women have been battling to do just that—to battle alongside men in the frontlines of war.

So let’s get this straight—many women still admire men with chivalry, those who still offer them special treatment, yet they object to being treated differently at the same time.

Hypocrisy is a key player in today’s society and gender politics, more so concerning the war zone. However, the rules that have been implemented concerning combat are there for good reasons and the women who oppose them need to take a step back and re-evaluate themselves, both physically and emotionally.

Concerning conflict, women have no place in the frontlines and combat situations. Their potential emotional instability as well as physical capabilities prevent them from fighting alongside men and could create possible catastrophe if given the opportunity.

Regarding Marine Officer Candidate School statistics from 2011, 14 percent of women candidates who dropped out did so due to injuries compared to only 4 percent of their male counterparts according to Capt. Katie Petronio of the Marine Corps Gazette. Women also had easier standards to meet in order to qualify, which seems completely absurd considering these potential candidates will most likely be in the middle of an extremely dangerous situation in the near future.

When placed in an actual war zone, standards don’t exist for men or for women. Enemies, as well as their bullets, don’t discriminate based on gender. If someone can’t keep up, physically and mentally, that can lead to terrible situations for all involved.

The data shows that men will most likely be favored in this type of situation.

Mental capabilities is another issue that women face when being compared to men, and for the most part, it’s an issue that can’t be fixed or avoided. Dr. James Hobson of My Family Talk notes that women are naturally inclined to be more concerned about different issues, such as stability and security. They are less likely to take risks if the overall costs weigh out the benefits. Women have also proven to be less competitive, while on the other hand men have an overall passion to conquer.

All is not fair concerning war, and picking the militants more likely to cope with this hard truth is what makes the United States the superpower it is today.

Also take into consideration the potential actions that would play out on the battlefield if both men and women were fighting alongside each other. In America’s culture, most men show a significant desire to protect a woman under almost any circumstance, and war is no different. Numerous problems could arise from a single man struggling to keep a woman out of harm’s way during combat.

“It’s also pretty much in guys’ nature to protect girls. That might be a distraction,” said a former soldier, Stephanie Vazquez, to the Los Angeles Times.

So for those women complaining about the lack of chivalry in society, yet also complaining about the lack of equality, take into consideration that the largest chivalrous gesture a man can make may be to take the frontline in battle.

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