How to impress your Valentine

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Legend has it that Valentine’s Day started during the third century in Rome when Saint Valentine was sentenced to death for wedding young lovers.

The story goes that while in prison, Valentine secretly wrote letters to his lover which he signed “From your Valentine.”

Valentine was beheaded Feb. 14 in 269 A.D. Valentine’s Day was thus created, and is now celebrated in the form of heart felt letters, boxes of chocolates and expensive dates.

If it’s not obvious by now, Valentine’s Day is a girl’s holiday. Sorry guys, but a word to the wise, drop the ego and give your girl her heart’s desire.

Gift ideas from him to her:

1: Chocolates:

While it is the thought that counts, girls expect you to go the extra mile on Valentine’s Day. Don’t be that guy who makes a last minute trip to the drugstore to buy a $5 box of chocolates. Plan ahead and swoon her with chocolate covered strawberries.

2: Perfume:

This one can be tricky as every woman has a different taste.  Ask for help from a fragrance sales associate and find out which scents are most popular for women her age. Don’t be shy. Women want to help clueless gift givers find the perfect gifts, especially in the spirit of Valentine’s Day.

3: Candles:

There’s nothing more romantic than lounging in a dim, candle-lit room alone with your significant other sipping on wine. Use candles to set the mood and act as a centerpiece for a dinner you created.

4: Lingerie:

This is more of a present to yourself, but still a win-win. By buying her lingerie, she’ll have no choice but to put it on. Unlike fragrances, describing your girl’s breast size can actually get you in an awkward situation with a sales associate as you try to give a visual by cupping your own hands to your chest. Search through her drawers to get her bra size, which can usually be found near the back hook.

Photos compiled by Kymberlie Estrada
Photos compiled by Kymberlie Estrada

Look your best in the perfect dress

Aside from your birthday and New Year’s, Valentine’s Day is the day when you want to look your absolute best. Pay attention to detail, right down to your fingertips.

Although you’ll be compelled to buy that red dress on the window display at the mall, do a bit more searching. You don’t want to be on a dinner date and find yourself playing “who wore it better” with the red dress across the room.

Don’t overdo it on red. Use the red dress as the centerpiece and finish it by playing with deeper shades of red and neutral-toned accessories.

Since the dress is a statement in itself, use simple accessories and choose a romantic lace wedge. Keep accessories to a minimal and make sure they don’t steal the show, since your dress should.

Oh, and it wouldn’t hurt to get your date a gift either.

Photos compiled by Kymberlie Estrada
Photos compiled by Kymberlie Estrada

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