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CRU, formerly known as Campus Crusade for Christ, is a Christian club at Cal State Fullerton holding a semester-long event titled “Spring Resolutions” in hopes to encourage students to follow through with their New Year’s resolutions.

The three categories within CRU’s Spring Resolutions are time management, study group and exercise.

Club members said the three categories were voted to the top of student polls they conducted.

Surveys were passed out in front of the Gastronome, helping eventually to narrow down the different categories.

Lu Worthington, CRU member and a business major with a concentration in entertainment and tourism management, expressed the motivation behind the semester-long event.

“We didn’t want to just ask, ‘What’s your New Year’s resolution?’ and then just end there,” said Worthington. “We wanted to make connections through helping people reach their goal … so just a cool way to help the campus achieve something.”

Time management was the first and only of the Spring Resolutions that was a one time event at the end of January, led by members Jamie Hoover and Dania Molina.  The time management component included a short seminar on managing time, and how to do it in an easy and wise way.

Jamie Hoover, a child and adolescent development major, explained how the time management seminar unfolded, and what the seminar focused on for being a one time event.

“Our goal was to help people create a schedule to keep their time management, so they can map out how much time they are spending on each thing,” said Hoover.

The time management component also was catered toward helping students realize that time doesn’t have to control them, and that they can enjoy the time and not always feel rushed.

She said that another goal of the seminar was to trigger an analysis of time among members.

“We also wanted to maybe make people think about how they are spending their time,” Hoover said.

Study groups are the second of the “Spring Resolutions” events led by members Thomas Leon and Nomi Hlatshwayo, and will be held on Monday afternoons from 12-1 p.m. in the Titan Student Union courtyard, for studying or a place to stop and talk with members of CRU.

Thomas Leon, a member of CRU and math major, explained where the idea behind the study groups came from, and what the purpose is for this component of the event.

He said CRU wanted to provide a specific time for students to come together and study.

“The purpose behind that was so that people would be more diligent in their studies and it would again, help them choose their New Year’s resolutions,” said Leon.

Exercise is the third of the Spring Resolutions, a component that is led by CRU member Lu Worthington and CRU staff member Stephanie Soglesong, who is also a certified personal trainer.

The 30-minute Monday workout at 4 p.m. is one of the most popular ones for students, especially when the group meets at the volleyball courts near the Valencia Residence Hall.

Worthington described the importance of having a certified personal trainer on board, and how students could benefit from this trainer advantage.

“One of the staff members is a certified trainer, so that’s been a major help because it’s someone who actually knows what they are doing and what to do to exercise properly,” she said.

Crystal Sanchez, a new CRU member and a public relations major, said her overall experience with the Spring Resolutions and the impact that CRU has had on her confidence have been positive.

She said study groups help keep her accountable in her studies. Although she cannot attend the exercise sessions, she said CRU keeps her motivated.

“I am taking a swimming class this semester so I couldn’t make it to the workout sessions that CRU has on my own, but they are inspiring me to continue with swimming, and encouraging me,” said Sanchez.

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