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CrossFit is considered more than just an average workout routine; it is a lifestyle surrounded by fitness and strength. The need for free weights and machines that you may find at a 24 Hour Fitness or a Gold’s Gym does not suffice for the average crossfit workout. Instead, Olympic-style lifting and the “dropping of weights” is ultimately encouraged at a crossfit gym. Anywhere anywhere else, it would be prohibited.

CrossFit deals not only with lifting heavy objects, for example, but also with guidance from trainers that lead classes multiple times a day. Trainers assist with a person while lifting, along with answering any questions they may have during a workout.

Eric Arevalo, the five-year owner of CrossFit Brea, defines what crossfit means by also addressing some running rumors about this fitness regime.

“Getting people to understand … that lifting weights is not a bad thing, and it’s not necessarily dangerous as long as the technique is there, said Arevalo. “More than anything, it’s a way to get people to think differently about fitness and training. Not that crossfit has necessarily started anything new—all these lifts have been around for hundreds of years, it’s just they have found a way to bring it out and make it acceptable.”

According to Oscar Lorenzana, 38, a three-year member of CrossFit Brea, the benefits of crossFit would include guided workouts with trainers that allow a person to do every workout routine right the first time.

“I think that everyone that works out on their own at one point or another wonders if they are doing it right, if they are going to hurt themselves eventually, if they are making the right kind of progress, if they are going down the right path, and I think with CrossFit, you have trainers that take the guesswork out of it.”

Cory Feldman, 36, another CrossFit Brea member, describes her experiences with CrossFit and why her three-year dedication is only the beginning of her fitness journey.

“I had my second son, and was tired of going to the gym and not knowing what to do … I couldn’t afford personal training at the gym because they are expensive, and a friend of mine went to another CrossFit and she said to try it out,” said Feldman. “So my husband and I came, and then the first night we just fell in love with it, so I have been here for three years.”

Arevalo described the average age for a crossfit attendee to be mid-30s or middle aged persons, who much like Lorenzana and Feldman have tried many different gyms and routines to stay strong and in shape. Yet ultimately, they found that of all the guided workouts that CrossFit offers, crossFit was the best.

Mike James, 22, kinesiology major and trainer at Crossfit Brea, described both the benefits and experiences of being a trainer and  the ultimate rewards it brings.

“I get to share the knowledge I have learned, but most importantly, I get to take a lot of the learning experiences from my other co-workers and people I work under, and we kind of put it together collectively,” said James. “But also, me aside, I like being able to spread the word of fitness and help other people to their goals … It’s really rewarding to see someone have a goal in mind, be it weight loss or getting stronger, something along those lines, and then actually see the steps, be apart of something within those steps, and ultimately hit their goal … It’s really rewarding.”

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