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Vanessa Martinez / Daily Titan

The inaugural Healthcare Information Technology forum was held at Cal State Fullerton on Friday to discuss the future of healthcare.

The forum, held in the Titan Student Union, featured lectures and discussions from practitioners and educators within the field of health care, and covered a variety of topics in regards to maintaining patient safety as well as the future of health care.

The future of simulation in healthcare and leveraging health care information technology as a means to improve patient safety was also discussed.

During a break in the event, the CSUF School of Nursing demonstrated how technology is being used in classrooms.

Two graduate students entered the room and performed a small skit with a male simulation mannequin that was controlled by a lab technician hiding in the background.

Through the use of technology, the lab technician was able to speak via a microphone inside of the mannequin and control its sweat, tears and heartbeat to simulate a male patient.

According to John Varley, the lab technician, the School of Nursing owns similar dolls for simulation purposes in the classroom.
However, the one present at the event was the most mobile.

Pierce Draper, 25, a graduate from CSUF with a degree in health science, attended the conference hoping to learn more about the types of opportunities the field of health care information technology had to offer.

According to Pierce, this included learning what jobs are available, where the field is moving and what their future vision of health and technology are as a whole.

The career panel allowed audience members the chance to ask questions or voice their opinions in regards to the careers of the field.
Andre Martelly, a health care information technology recruiter for MemorialCare, spoke as one of the panelists.

Martelly said he enjoyed listening to and answering some of the questions that were asked by the attendees, which allowed him to get a better feel as to where graduates stood in their continued pursuit of healthcare as a career.

“Its just really good that people from all levels from doctors to chief information officers down to an internal recruiter are all on the same page in terms of what our vision and goal is and what people are looking for,” said Martelly.

Martelly encouraged his audience to socialize with other attendees and speakers as a means to network.

Barbara Pinkowitz attended the forum to promote Cypress College’s program of health care information technology at the event.
“Today, health care is a combination of the clinical side and the technology side, so no matter what you go into today, you need both,” said Pinkowitz.

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