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Courtesy of MCT

Killing Bruce Willis in a Die Hard movie seems to be impossible, but the newest film in the series might be the first time audiences wish it was not so damn hard.

A Good Day to Die Hard is the fifth movie of the franchise. It is the first time John McClane (Willis) leaves the United States.

Unfortunately, this is one flight he should not have taken.

McClane starts his newest explosive journey by going to Moscow to make amends with his estranged son, Jack, played by rising actor Jai Courtney.

McClane learns that Jack is an undercover CIA agent and quickly gets himself entangled in a mission to rescue a political prisoner.

The father-son duo find themselves in an elaborate and explosive car chase, followed by constant firefights.

Sentimental speeches given by McClane about not being a good father are peppered throughout the film and serve only as breaks among the action.

They eventually lose their prisoner to a villain who dances, for no apparent reason, and talks entirely too much.

Thanks to special effects, which only become more ridiculous as the movie progresses, and slow motion scenes, they escape and meet for a showdown at the sight of Russia’s worst nuclear disaster.

A Good Day to Die Hard is definitely the low point in the series.

At one point, McClane laughs as he calls Jack “the 007 of Plainfield, New Jersey,” and he could not have been more right.

The movie is like a bad Bond film. It is filled with cheesy spy gadgets, double crosses, dull dialogue and horrible acting.

The most disappointing aspect of the movie is that it is not about the McClane we all know and love.

His story is of one who kicks ass for justice, with undertones of trying to salvage his relationship with his family.

In contrast, this film mostly revolves around Jack’s mission, which does not make it feel like a true Die Hard film where Willis is the star.

In the original 1988 Die Hard, McClane is introduced as a New York City police officer, who is in Los Angeles to try to patch things up with his wife.

During an office Christmas party, terrorists come to steal millions of dollars in bearer bonds from the company vault.

McClane is their only hope inside, and with a little help from a cop on the outside, he gets the job done in a bloody and heroic fashion; thus, a new American film icon is born.

Two years later, Die Hard 2 came to theaters to show McClane in action once again.

While waiting for his wife’s plane to land, mercenaries take over the airport and demand that their dictator be released.

McClane dispatches the terrorists through gunfights and bare knuckle brawls, this time with the help from an airport maintenance man.

Since McClane is a cop from the Big Apple, it was only fitting that 1995’s Die Hard with a Vengeance be placed in New York City.

Running through the crowded streets with the famous cop is an electrician from Harlem.

The two have to find bombs placed throughout the city by a terrorist group.

Things become more complicated when the terrorist group robs the Federal Reserve Bank of all its gold bullion, and their leader turns out to be the brother of the villain from the first film.

After a twelve year gap, Willis resumes his most popular role in 2007’s Live Free or Die Hard.

A jaded former U.S. Department of Defense employee attacks the country’s power grid through cyber-terrorism and steals millions in funds electronically.

Since computers is not McClane’s forte, he partners with a young, nervous hacker.

The pair of brawn and brain chase the terrorists around Washington D.C., and it becomes personal for McClane when his daughter is taken hostage.

Willis’ charisma shines through the first four installments, showing itself in the chemistry he had with all of his side characters, including his emotionally distant daughter.

However, this constant theme stops in A Good Day to Die Hard, where Willis and Courtney play their characters like stiff boards and force any kind of connection to each other.

This was truly not a good day for McClane, and an even tougher one for die-hard fans.

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