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Courtesy of MCT

In a zombie infested world, there are still plenty of things to worry about other than getting bit by the living dead.

The Walking Dead is back from its mid-season break, and the survivors are still fighting to make it through the undead world.

Already, halfway through season three, The Walking Dead has picked up the pace and upped the ante.

In turn, the show’s most beloved characters are now put to the test.

It seems that season three is making up for the drama and intensity season one lacked.

The dramatic character-driven show has left viewers sitting at the edge of their couches screaming at the television, hoping Andrea doesn’t get completely screwed. Still, some are praying she does.

Each character has their own trial to overcome, and unlike the show’s title, it’s not just about fighting off a few zombies.


Lori is gone, and Judith (or little ass-kicker, as Daryl has named her) is a constant reminder of that.

Rick Grimes isn’t the good sheriff people have come to love anymore.

He has had his fair share of betrayal and misfortune, which has hardened his way of thinking.

Rick’s true colors will show when he goes head-to-head with the Governor, the new opposite alpha dog.

If that’s not enough to bring out the people-hating, zombie-killing leader, having a whole new group of survivors waiting for him at the prison is really going to put his trust issues to the test.

Rick is slowly cracking and there may not be much to stop him from going insane. If his sense of responsibility doesn’t put him back on track, a tear-jerker might have to. Otherwise, the leadership role may have to be relinquished to Daryl Dixon.


Andrea has acquired the habit of falling for the bad guy.

Unlike Rick, she isn’t as easy to read or predict. Once she gets the full details on who the Governor really is, she’s only going to have a couple options left.

Bad decision after bad decision, there is no telling when she is going to stop screwing up.

Andrea is the type of character you either love or hate, and at this moment, Michonne is not happy with her.

How would you feel if after you finally found someone to trust in a zombie-infested world, you were denied the same trust when you get the old “this guy is a freak” vibe?

Andrea is going to be given an ultimatum—her original group of misfit survivors, or her one-eyed smooth talking Governor. Once her decision is made, there’s no going back.


He is the one character everyone loves. That tough redneck exterior isn’t fooling anyone. He’s earned his stripes and has been accepted as family now.

Daryl hasn’t gone crazy, committed adultery, threatened the group or even gotten anyone pregnant. He’s golden.

But even the favorite encompasses his own issues.

The moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived. Daryl is reunited with his twisted brother, Merle.

Viewers can expect several puppy-dog sad glances from Daryl as he’s met with a dilemma.

Just like the show’s viewers, the rest of the group has grown fond of Daryl.

Not only because he can tell from right and wrong, but he stands loyal to the group.

Either he will side with the group that never really stuck with his own brother, or it might be his first time disappointing the group.

Even if he does, it’s doubtful to think he’ll be added to the “I want zombies to eat your brains list.”

The Walking Dead is back Sunday nights on AMC at 9 p.m.

Even with a bombardment of zombie invasions, it doesn’t look like the show will die any time soon.

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