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A small handful of Cal State Fullerton students shuffled into the Titan Theatre on Feb. 28 for ASI Productions’ (ASIP) free biweekly film.

Many plopped into their seats and lightly chattered with friends while waiting for the production to start.

As the lights dimmed and the opening credits were revealed, more students began to mosey in and take their seats.

Looper, an action-packed time travel film, was the entertainment for the night and by the time the lights were back on, the theater had a full house.

Many Titans appeared to enjoy the atmosphere of the screening of Looper.

Gasps of excitement echoed from their voices during shocking scenes.

The theater’s comfortable ambience could be compared to kicking back at home on the couch with several friends.

According to Anthony Ragazzo Jr., the director of ASI Leader and Program Development, this restful environment is exactly what ASI wants for the students who attend.

“Through all of the events that ASI Productions puts on, students have the opportunity to relax, be entertained and engage with their fellow students outside of the classroom,” Ragazzo said. “Hopefully, these events help students to feel a sense of community on our very populous campus. And to connect with our Titan pride.”

First time attendee Marilena Pantoja, 18, an art major, said she became interested in attending when she saw an advertisement for the movie night on a TV in the Titan Student Union.

Pantoja said seeing a film a little later on for free is much better than the hassle of a going to a movie theater when a film is first released.

While many students at the film screening had never been to or heard of the event, it has been going on for quite some time.

Ragazzo said the free movie nights have been held since before TSU existed.

ASI was once housed in McCarthy Hall and the screenings were held in a student lounge inside the building.

For movies to be screened on campus, ASI must use a distributor and licensing fees must be payed. Many of the films offered are no longer in theaters but are not yet available for purchase on DVD or Blu-Ray.

Jenna Lowery, 23, ASIP’s films and media coordinator, said the free Thursday night films and other ASI events are paid for through student fees.

According to CSUF Student Financial Services, the campus fee for a full- time student was $355 for the 2013 spring semester.

Lowery suggests Titans should know where their money is going.

Events by ASI are intended to showcase the TSU and show students that their fees pay for free events on campus.

“They (student fees) pay for a livelihood on campus. So whether that’s using the gym or using the space in the alumni lounge to study. We just provide the entertainment aspect of it (livelihood). So we do films, concerts, student programming,” said Lowery.

She said ASI’s productions are held to cater to students and movies selected for the screenings are chosen by CSUF students.

Surveys asking which films and genres students would like to see are given out in the middle of each semester to the Titans who attend the screenings, Lowery said.

Miguel Sanchez, 18, a graphic design major, said he would like to see more horror films play at the free movie nights.

He said he likes a thrill and The Fourth Kind, an alien abduction flick, would be exciting to watch in the comfort of the Titan Theatre.

Michelle Hickethier, 19, an English and art major and veteran of the free films in the TSU, said she would love to see Iron Man or other Marvel films play in the theater.

She said her favorite film screened so far was The Amazing Spider-Man and she believed the screenings are a great opportunity to leave her dorm room.

ASIP presents its biweekly film Cloud Atlas this Thursday at 4 p.m., 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. On March 21 a special film festival will be held to showcase successful CSUF alumni who have made it in the film industry.

According to Lowery, three student films and a student guest speaker will be featured.

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