Fundraiser held for autism awareness

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The Autism Speaks U chapter of Cal State Fullerton observed National Autism Awareness Month, which begins in April, by hosting a fundraiser at a bar in downtown Fullerton last Thursday.

The fundraiser, called College Night, was held at Bourbon Street and was meant to spread awareness. Contributions will be donated to the national organization—Autism Speaks.

“This event was (arranged by) both of us co-presidents but also the co-owners of Bourbon Street, we always collaborate together,” said Victoria Cid, 24, a communicative disorders major and co-president of the CSUF chapter.

Proceeds and donations made for Autism Speaks were collected through purchases on drinks that were made at the back bar and through an outdoor photo booth.

“Aside from trying to get awareness by all of our decorations, we’re obviously trying to fundraise for Autism Speaks,” said Cid. “We try to get at least two larger fundraisers for Autism Speaks and this is one of our biggest fundraisers.”

The money Autism Speaks collects from Autism Speaks U is utilized for science research and family services, Cid said.

Public awareness of autism spectrum disorders has increased by 43 percent, according to the Autism Speaks U Cal State Fullerton website.

The proceeds gathered as a result of fundraising for Autism Speaks U have continued to increase throughout the years, according to Chester Casabar, 27, a kinesiology major and co-vice president of the CSUF chapter.

“Each year I’ve been in (the organization), our fundraising goal has been higher and higher, and we’re the biggest ones in southern California,” he said.

“We’ve reached out to the chapter in UCI, we’ve reached out to other chapters … and they mostly come to us (and say) ‘Hey, you guys are doing a lot of things, and your goals are way higher than ours,’” said Casabar.

As a means to hopefully generate more autism awareness, other events and activities arranged by the CSUF chapter will continue through March and end in the beginning of May.

The CSUF chapter will attempt to promote autism awareness by lighting certain areas of the campus with a blue tint.

This will be completed by covering up some of the light bulbs across the campus with a blue gel.

Ray Sadri, 24, a communicative disorders major and co-president of the CSUF chapter, elaborated on exactly where the blue-tinted lights would be glowing on campus during the month of April.

“There’s going to be the ficus tree, the lights around there … the corner of Nutwood and State College, the white sign … and then in front of the TSU,” Sadri said


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  • We should not neglect to mention the violent attitudes Autism Speaks takes to online dissenters, who are mostly Autistic. They have paid workers who dedicate their time to refuting Autistics who want to assert their right to exist, to equality, to jobs and other things. It’s hard to believe, but what would happen under the covers when nobody is looking?