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Courtesy of MCT
Courtesy of MCT

The Last Exorcism Part II starts off where Last Exorcism (2010) left off, at the climax of the exorcism and the decapitation of the camera man.

The footage is still hidden in the woods.

Part II continues the story of Nell Sweetzer’s life after her time in Ivanwood, even if she may not remember it.

Sweetzer has flashbacks as she struggles to forget her past traumas. However, the demon Abalam has other plans in mind for her.

Sweetzer starts experiencing different abnormalities such as living statues, radio talk shows and friends who keep repeating, “Abalam wants her back and she is only his.”

As she tries to maintain control over her body, the demon spreads itself to the people around her trying to coax her into accepting him again into her body.

Sweetzer has no choice but to accept her fate since escaping it is not an option.

As the plot progresses, the demon Abalam becomes more of a central character in Sweetzer’s life. Abalam appears in various forms coaxing her into believing she belongs to him and to accept her fate.

Sweetzer struggles to fight the demon off, however he consumes her.

The movie ends in destruction and chaos.

In the final scene Sweetzer sets a house on fire, burning alive everyone inside, then drives off in a truck blaring music.

Compared to the past exorcism films, it’s become an evident trend that females are constantly possessed by demons through seduction of mind.

The exorcism films all relate to one another as failed attempts to exorcise the demon from the body. The demons may vary but the possession of the female body remains the same.

For example, in the Paranormal Activity series, a possessed woman tries to fight off a demon within her own house, thus killing anyone she cares about.

This trend has become more popular in the past 10 years. Female possession in movies has changed from a physical being into a transparent one that forces its hosts to do its bidding.

Movies such as The Exorcist, Amityville Horror, Paranormal Activity and The Demon Inside all float on the same idea of spiritual possession.

Although the storyline and movie trailer may draw in a large audience, paranormal movies have pranced around the same predictable, overused plot.

The audience already knows what will happen, but stick around to see if the movie incorporated something they’ve never seen before.

No matter how many twists and turns may be put in place, the ending is the same. The possession of the body wins over the exorcism.

Exorcism movies incorporate religious aspects, which curtail what many people actually believe.

People hear stories of bodily possessions, but until they see it themselves, they won’t believe it. This is partly the reason why plots have been repeated over and over in movies.

It’s the fear it instills in the audience because it could happen to them.

The fear of being killed by knives or guns have been replaced with the nightmare of being possessed by a demon.

Expect to see more possession movies within the next few years as the trend isn’t going away anytime soon.

Although exorcism has intrigued many fright seekers, it has become a genre that has become played out and even more predictable.

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