Indie trio debuts at the Becker

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Courtesy of Wetwood Smokes
Courtesy of Wetwood Smokes

Anaheim indie rock/alternative trio Wetwood Smokes is next to perform at the Becker Amphitheater today at noon.

The multi-talented act made up of step-brothers Josh Bowman, Chrystian Cano and Steven Howard officially began in September 2012.

With the amount of time spent together, Wetwood Smokes shifted their brotherly relationship into a musical investment.

“Starting our own band just made sense,” said Cano.

The trio has worked on other projects and developed impressive music chemistry even before Wetwood Smokes was formed.

The band’s first gigs root from informal jam sessions.

Their latest song, “I Am The One,” was released a month ago. The band is gradually making a name for itself in the music industry.

Each of the boys possess versatility and adaptability.

As an example of their love for music, the band’s individual talent far exceeds an average musician’s capabilities.

Their wide-range instrumental skills allow the band members to rotate instruments when they play.

Bowman (lead vocals, guitar, piano and bass), Cano (backup vocals, bass, drums and the xylophone) and Howard (drums, guitar, piano and programming) possess musical qualities many musicians strive to attain.

Wetwood Smokes combines elements of passion and peace into a progressive rock style that best showcases the bands’ wide-ranged talents.

“We try to have a mix of those songs that you can listen to when you’re out with friends having a good time,“ said Cano. “At the same time we want to have those more intimate songs that you can listen to alone and connect with on a personal level, really dig into the lyrics and feel something from it.”

Wetwood Smokes has released four songs, including “I Am The One,” “Cold”, “Medicine” and “Folks.”

“Musically we are inspired by everything from Delta Spirit to Bjork, Simon and Garfunkel to Jack White, Kings of Leon, Paper Route,” Cano said. “Finding the balance between the three of us, creating our own sound and writing music that we ourselves would enjoy listening is really my favorite part.”

With only four released tracks, the band plans to perform cover songs to fill their set and may give listeners a taste of their next song in the making.

“We are in the process of recording new songs that are really coming together nicely. (We’re) also planning a cross-country tour at the end of the year. A lot to look forward to,” Cano said.

They have announced they will be handing out free CDs containing their four songs to listeners willing to ask.

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