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Courtesy of Live Well Network
Courtesy of Live Well Network

Joey Fatone has been a man of many talents, whether it’s singing and dancing for music sensation N*SYNC, acting or competing in Dancing With The Stars. But for the last year, he has been host to Live Well Network’s My Family Recipe Rocks. 

In the series, Fatone travels across the country showcasing cooks working in the best kitchens they know: their homes.

“The coolest thing about the show is that basically you go into people’s homes and you watch them cook their food,” said Fatone. “And whether the recipe has been handed from generation to generation or something that they might have whipped up.”

Fatone describes the show as a “fly on the wall” in a sense, getting to see everyone’s down-to-earth cooking styles and techniques.

Though the majority of My Family Recipe Rocks focuses on home-grown cooks.

Celebrities have also been featured in Fatone’s show including Carnie Wilson from Wilson Phillips, musician Frankie Moreno, Fatone’s former Dancing With The Stars partner Kym Johnson, Rachel Smith of On the Carpet and Carrot Top.

“It’s kind of cool just to dabble in. Just because they’re celebrities, they have families too,” Fatone said. “They go and they cook for their kids as well and their families.”

In the next two weeks, Fatone will be traveling east to New Orleans where he’ll be working with Creole dishes and alligator meat.

“We just started the second season,” Fatone said. “We’ve shot about five episodes right now.”

In the first season of My Family Recipe Rocks, different types of cuisines were explored such as Indian, Mexican, Spanish and Mediterranean.

“I’d love to dabble more of Asian cuisine,” Fatone said regarding what new types of cuisines he’d love to try for season 2. “I think that’s something that’d be exciting to see and go into more depth with it. We haven’t even scratched the surface on that as well so we’re excited.”

There have been many unique meals during Fatone’s time hosting the show, and one in particular stands out.

“One of the most interesting meals I’ve had has been a Spam burrito,” Fatone said. “It’s like a breakfast burrito with Spam it in.”

Currently, Fatone is focusing his energy solely on My Family Recipe Rocks. What he loves about the show is that the flexible schedule allows him to devote more time to his wife and children.

“What’s great about the show is that it’s flexible that I’ve been able to travel, not for long periods of time, and be home with my kids,” Fatone said. “That’s been amazing. It’s been a blessing for me to be able to do a show like this.”

Fatone not only enjoys working alongside home cooks across the country but even takes the recipes home for his family to enjoy.

“That’s the greatest thing about this whole show,” Fatone said. “People can watch them cook. They cook in their own kitchen.”

On average, it takes five days to shoot two episodes. Sometimes two episodes are done in a month, depending or four episodes a month, depending on the location.

Fatone compares touring for My Family Recipe Rocks and touring for music as using different types of musical instruments.

“As far as making a track and making songs in a studio, you have the waves, you have the bass, you have the drums, you have the guitars, keyboards, percussion, horns … I think kind of a similar sense when you’re making food,” Fatone said. “You’re putting these ingredients together to make a symphony, if you will. You’re making a chicken, you put a pasta together, you put these different spices together. You’re making this whole kind of band of food.”

There are another twenty episodes to be filmed for the remainder of season 2.

“The experience is overwhelming excitement,” Fatone said. “The network has been growing and the numbers of have been growing of people watching.”

“People love cooking shows,” he added.

My Family Recipe Rocks stands apart from other cooking shows because it takes viewers somewhere completely new, but also familiar in a sense.

“I don’t think this has been done before, as far as going into people’s homes and watching how they cook and what methods are and what they use as far as ingredients,” Fatone said.

The last episode that aired Sunday, March 3, “Real Men Cook,” focused on Real Men Cook, a non-profit that is comprised of men who cook for their community.

“Hopefully for the next season to come, hopefully expand beyond all the different cultures out there and really experience good food and great cooking,” Fatone said.

This Sunday at 8:30 p.m., My Family Recipe Rocks will air a St. Patrick’s Day episode centered around Irish home cooking.

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