Tennis wins big vs. Pacific

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MIMI HUNG / Daily Titan
MIMI HUNG / Daily Titan

The Cal State Fullerton women’s tennis team looked to bounce back after getting swept by the University of Wyoming. The Titans did just that and cruised to a 6-1 victory over The University of the Pacific on Sunday.

The match ended at 2 p.m. under pristine weather conditions. With the support of the home crowd, the Titans managed to upset their opponent the Pacific Tigers from University of the Pacific.

There was concern that the Titans might lose against the Tigers due to their losing record in the past.

“They (Pacific) are good, I mean we know that it was going to be a struggle out here today … doubles was tight, but that was just the preview of how the rest of our singles was going to be, so everyone’s matches were pretty tight … we always give it our all every chance,” Kalika Slevcove said, who along with her doubles partner, Morgan Mclntosh, won their match 8-5.

Monica Rodriguez did not let the defeat from the double’s game with Tiffany Mai affect her. She instead came out strong and was the first one who put up the initial win in the single’s game. Rodriguez effortlessly won two sets in a row from her opponent Gergana Boncheva while everyone else was still competing against their rivals.

“I felt really good in singles, doubles was a little bit of a struggle, but I picked it up in my singles and just recovered from my doubles’ match, and got a win,” Rodriguez said.

The Titans needed Rodriguez’s win as it helped the team gain momentum going into the later sets.

In the meantime, Morgan Mclntosh was still on her first set with Iveta Masarova. The points were very tight as they went back and forth between set points. Morgan and Iveta were evenly matched for the first couple of rallies but Morgan managed to score the first win for the sets.

The same situation persisted during Mai’s game with her opponent Hana Ritterova at the No. 2 spot as Mai was slightly behind the first couple points but she came back with a vengeance to win her first set as well.

After Rodriguez’s first win, Mclntosh and Mai also scored two sets for themselves which gave the Titans three singles wins against the favored Tigers.

Unlike Mai, Mclntosh was leading her opponent in her second set, however Mclntosh did not let up just because she was in the lead. Mclntosh played the game slowly but steadily and her perseverance and diligence lead her to victory.

“My opponent was a very solid player, the first set I got down 4-1 again pretty fast, and then I just decided to give it everything I have by being more aggressive, and then it ended up working out for me … I just keep fighting for every single point,” Mclntosh said after she finished winning her singles game.

Mai and her opponent Ritterova were fighting until the very last minutes. The game was nerve-wracking. It was 6-6 on the second set and this led to the tie breaker of the game. the cheering from the crowd was so loud and everyone was on their toes. The second the ball failed to swim back from Ritterova became the moment when Mai won the last game against The Pacific Tigers.

“We’ve never beat the Pacific I think in the last … maybe nine years … it feels good to win, and not only to win but win 6-to-1,” said Mai.

The Pacific Tigers have a higher rank than the Titans, but this time Titans outright beat the Tigers in many years.

“I’m excited and I’m happy of course … we worked hard, we deserve it,” said Titan’s Head Coach Bill Reynolds.

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