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A trio of Cal State Fullerton students are leading the way to better leadership skills.

John Pekcan / Daily Titan
John Pekcan / Daily Titan

Rohullah Latif, Robert Gates and Jonny Leggett are the founders of Proactive Leadership group as a part of the National Society of Leadership and Success.

The mission of the three men is to revamp leadership skills among campus clubs and provide them with information that will last them the rest of their lives.

Originally formed this past summer, Latif, Gates and Leggett worked to find a way to improve leadership skills amongst their friends.

According to the founders of the group, they feel they are qualified to teach these skills because they have experience in leadership at CSUF.

“Between all three of us we’ve held a lot of leadership positions on campus,” said Latif. “We’ve been to a lot workshops, we’ve read a lot of books. We learn all this and we see this as a way to give back to the students,” he added.

Latif is now opening up his own company in loss prevention and security called LP Nation.

After being complimented on the great job they did, they figured that they could go bigger and decided to present to clubs on campus. Seeing results after the presentations made them ecstatic and provided them assurance that they were doing the right thing.

Proactive Leadership group founders believe that they need to teach people how to follow through with their words and put it to practice.

This they say, is the key to becoming a successful leader in the world today.

“A leader with nice words doesn’t cut it, but a leader with strong actions to back the words, thats what people follow,” said Gates.

The trio make action plans for the particular clubs they present to and help them stay focused on tasks. The men act like mentors to the clubs and do so by making sure that the club sticks to what was planned.

Even though it is not the easiest task to do, the proactive leaders are still willing to do the job because they want to help make students become the best possible person they can be. If that means calling them everyday to make sure that the club sticks to what was planned, or physically helping with work, Latif, Gates and Leggett say they are prepared to do it.

Lexi Schaffer, president of the Society of Women Engineers and a mechanical engineering major, believes that her club learned valuable lessons from the presentation that the three proactive leaders gave them, such as managing time, being accountable and learning about the situation task action result, STAR, technique.

The STAR technique is a government fundamental that is taught to prospective employees.

To demonstrate how to use the technique, Gates said that instead of just saying that someone is a good communicator, they need to also show how they are.

By showing examples of how you are a good communicator, it makes the employer more inclined to hire you. He said that this is the most overlooked, underutilized tool that can help someone get a job.

“I was surprised,” said Shaffer. “It was a shock to me like I need to be thinking about all of these things and thinking about the future and what I can do now to progress towards the future.”

Syvannah Kooyman, 21, a mechanical engineering major, said she believed that the techniques she has learned from the proactive leaders’ presentation have been beneficial and eye-opening for her.

She said that it has only been a few days since she learned these new skills and that she has already put them to use.

The presenters said they are honored to be able to provide insight on these skills to clubs on campus. Latif said that it is great to be a student leader on campus.

“You’re bettering yourself and your skills, but you’re bettering someone else’s skills as well and in the end it helps the entire campus, the club and the entire student population,” said Latif.

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