Construction begins on Pollak Library Starbucks

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Students hang out at the Starbucks in Mihaylo Hall. Another Starbucks is expected to open in the Pollak Library as soon as Fall 2013. (Mimi Hung / Daily Titan)
Students hang out at the Starbucks in Mihaylo Hall. Another Starbucks is expected to open in the Pollak Library as soon as Fall 2013. (Mimi Hung / Daily Titan)

Construction began Monday on a new campus Starbucks in the Pollak Library that could be opening as soon as fall 2013.

Starbucks will be expanding its campus presence due in part to the success of the first location in Steven G. Mihaylo Hall, according to the director of Campus Dining Services, Tony Lynch.

“Many university campuses across the U.S. have had a coffee component within their library for a number of years. It’s now our time to provide this similar service to our growing campus community,” Lynch said.

Cal State Fullerton is large enough to have more than one store and not take away from the sales of the other location, which opened in November 2008, according to Lynch.

The project will be funded by Auxiliary Services Corporation, a CSUF organization that manages on-campus businesses, since it is being constructed with “non-state” dollars.“As with any construction project we do have contingency plans both in the budget and the project schedule,” said Tinnah Medina, director of Office of Capital Project Management.

They are working with the Office of Capital Project Management to construct the new location.
“Getting the cost of the project at a point where it will fit into a pro forma and not lose money is a challenge,” Lynch said.

“Pro forma” is a financial estimate based on previous operations.

He said this will be a challenge because CSUF does not have a lot of summer activity. The cost of the project must be spread out over entire calendar year once completed, and not just the eight months a year the Starbucks will be serving customers.

“Seeing how this traffic flows in the library as well as through the library makes this location a great venue,” said Lynch.

Being at CSUF for 17 years has allowed Lynch to witness traffic patterns throughout the campus, she said.

Former Starbucks employee Chris Tyau estimates that the average wait time at the Mihaylo location is about 5-15 minutes.

The Mihaylo location currently makes about $4,500-5,000 in sales a day, according to Tyau.

He said people do complain about the length of the lines. “There’s only so much we can do,” he said.
He hopes the library location will be a little bit bigger, and service a wider majority of the campus.

Moji Ghalambor, 20, a health science major, said putting a Starbucks in the library is a good idea because “it would be convenient.” He said he doesn’t usually go to the other location in Mihaylo because it’s too far if he’s in the library.

Ghalambor also said it was a smart idea to put a Starbucks in the library because people who are studying want coffee.

“I’m sure they’ll get a lot of sales,” he added.

Once completed, students can expect the familiar Starbucks look. Medina said they are also working together with the Starbucks’ design team to “support and incorporate the level of standards and brand character.”

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